The Captain’s Light

…Such a simple thing it is with my fingers and these keys sending words with which to please in early morning light.Awake today with break of day having passed another night.A fine good morning these keys to bring for eyes that long to see her lovers wares reflected there starts life together be.When morning brings the birds that sing and restlessness does strike to think of things that joy does bring and reach out at dawns first light.She sees him there his heart laid bare and quiet for the taking as birds they sing and light it brings her lover for the waking.To have to hold to be so bold she reaches to the place for lovers play at break of day with smile on her face.It’s so astounding she hears heart pounding is it his or maybe hers then knows then and there in mornings airs in matters not for birds that sing do surely bring desires well within.She has she holds and is so bold and lovers play begins.

…Twas once upon a dream it seems so very long ago on restless nights neath stars so bright a dream it did begin.A man was here a woman there and neither seemed fit in.Friendships made as notions played across the etheral waves and words were made on great white page was magic to begin.First astounded fingers pounded that from deep within he cast his net on lovers bet out into the briny depths of human seas begin to wander there and wonder then at the man within.Without control his words did troll amidst the ones of others and that set he to pounding keys in search of she the other.His words they played upon the page her eyes then did to see the sages heart and wonder start could this man really be.I see him there his thoughts through airs to my heart they well have traveled he is there with heart laid bare and feelings now unraveled.Then she did begin with sheepish grin to read the words of sage and then to dare her comments there at first with shy chagrin to leave for sage upon the page and love it did begin.

…Time did pass and her love would last but would the sage take note his heart was there laid so bare in those words that he often wrote.To have to hold to be so bold as the dream he put to page wandering wondering where is love for lowly sage.Then came day with words at play they touched her heart so deep that boldness came replaced cautions game his attention she did seek.I see this man without a plan his heart it’s mine does seek with dreamers net cast to the depths of seas so dark and deep.If wishes were fishes and I were fisherman upon the page he wrote to join him there at Captain’s chair her heart now dared to hope for surely he would somehow see she waited on him there between the lines of words so fine she read the man within and his heart it found with loves abound together they should be.

…If wishes were fishes and I were fisherman I’d cast my net into the depths and hope for love to win.Red sun in morning red sun at night I raised my nets up from the depths and then I did surely see a lover fair was waiting there with eyes so bright to my delight the Captain she was wanting.The lowly sage then went to page and found his hearts delight to have to hold to be so bold they walked away from night.And so you see it came to be that wishes turned to fishes and in the Captain’s net she placed her bet his heart she set to win.The wheel it turned and sun she burned upon expectant mother earth then on starry night by full moons light his ship for her came in.Now hand in hand on lovers sands they walk together bright two hearts have found that love abounds and both have left their night.Red sun in morning red sun at night she has become the Captain’s light.

…………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………….

…………………The Catsman PhD (school of hard knocks)…………………

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