The Daily Drivel (vol.1 issue39)

            (daily blog from the dating site)

…Dateline The Palace Central Wisconsin USA…..

…..Well the #1 son will be here today to pick up the RODT (Rusty Old Dodge Truck)…..

….He will in his capacity as Crew Chief be doing some repairs and maintaince of this highly overpowered piece of Detriot Iron that has been known to put challangers on the streets of this little burg to shame as it simply shows them the big DODGE RAM on the tailgate leaving them in it’s wake….

….This piece of the “car guy” is this old cat’s favorite workhorse and toy….

….Not to good on gas but a blast to drive and comes in handy for the hauling of goods and hauling ass when it’s time to play…

…The Crew Chief and I built this truck for me many years ago and he takes it now to prepare it for the trip it will be making to my new home in TN….

…He has until the annual local car cruise here in the Rapids to get it done as I hope to be in attendance for this family tradition that I share with the #1 son and whoever else happens by….

…If you ever care to learn a bit more of these matters my family stories are now on their own Page on the WP called Another Me…

….Family traditions are important matters and need to be tended to no matter if you have to travel some to get there…

….If all goes as planned I will be up to the Rapids with the Lovely Lady lkavour to attend and drive the RODT for the annual Rapids cruise….

….Returning to TN with my favorite girl and toy after I fulfill my family tradition and try to keep up with one Plum Crazy 73 Dodge Charger SE owned and piloted by the Crew Chief himself..Hey he’s got a big block in his beast and I just have “a little 318″….hehehehe….

….So that’s what is on the mind of this old cat today here in sauna like central WI….

…Good day and good news…..

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