Love Unending

…The moon had slipped away and sun she wasn’t ready yet to break the day.Birds of feather flocked together stirring chirping before dawns early light the humble man without a plan stirred restless and then wanting time would pass as dew to grass yet sometimes slowly creeping.The man who dares in predawns airs did ponder now his fate as soon to be he would be free of this his home seemed place.

…Some fifty years and with some tears these streets now he has wandered a means to ends at times pretends to somewhere else be leaving.A bit uncouth from innocents youth to young man he did grow and then as man without a plan told stories of winter snows.Childern raised and those he praised had long since left this life as after near to twenty years no longer to have wife.Another life did begin to his chagrin no love as single man.Raised one last son as had begun the father never ending and in due time he did find alone was not so fun as world end could not pretend long loneliness had begun.So then alone without a home did end up in this place where young ones ruled and he was schooled in saving graces face.Times they change then rearranged the life of humble passing then reaching out electronic shout to find that he did not know.

…Chapter three it came to be in front of great white page the man inside he did abide and became this lowly sage.Some words astound he began to pound to keys white letters on the black and magic there from seeming air himself again he found.Another version of humble man a plan of sorts was formed to reach on out as if to shout I don’t want to be alone.Some silly verse and sometimes terse no matter keys he pounded and as if through air he did declare a love for words and founded the base of yet another face a lifetime for to wear as discovered he by pounding keys a world that took note.Now light begins with sheepish grin and soon he does discover that man inside he can abide and for one become her lover.Through electrinic airs she found him there saw words that he was pounding and in her heart she then did start to read the man who dared.His heart to page this wandering sage sending words sometimes astounding she saw him there but did she dare to reach out through airs as notice her he might.With sheepish grin she did begin then to show to him of her light.

…As fate would play there came a day her light he saw was shining could this be rebirth of me he wondered sitting there with hands to keys he could so please this woman who had been watching.Like morning dove she showed him love he pondered then new fate could this be real such profound appeal and chapters late beginning. As magic played upon a page and love song began the singing.Could this be real such profound appeal two hearts now came together as lowly sage put heart to page and humble man did dare to have to hold to be so bold they caused a new life to unfold together love unending two hearts as one new life begun then took the happy ending.

……………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………

……………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………

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