Leaving His Night

…One tries to ponder in the early mornings light a proper greeting for to please and then delight this marvel of a woman found for journeys end as love abounds and so astounds and a new life does begin.Indeed how was your night he says with sheepish grin as is her way she was to play her womans magic with thoughts of him and he played his own as did unfold his thoughts her thinking him.This pair of lovers are unlike others as take their own delights each to own yet thought of other and time when does begin the journey forever hearts light as feathers as together locked in loves embrace.No matter when no matter where for love they make the space inside and to abide the hunger now does burn as slowly with determined speed the world it does turn.Towards the day when lovers play together always be and one to other for discover and sharing there will be.He who dares met she who waited patiently off to side of stage as turned to look his heart she took unto magic care for him.As opened eyes to her surprise he saw her waiting there and reached out for her and then accepted for love now be and never ended her heart is in his care.What magic this and now is bliss together they will travel to places play and lovers stay as delights together to unravel.

…In mornings light he does delight these thoughts as they unravel to have to hold to be so bold this road that they will travel.Two hearts as one while under sun and moon together soon as time runs by with heavy sigh the lovers they will swoon.On their behest the gods beset to magic them delivered for each to have for then to hold with boldness now they travel to places play and love shall stay and be protected first together then to face what pens from life sometimes adverse.The stars they show in skies of darkened night as will unfold with open bold the songs of loves delight two souls have traveled their lives unraveled and bided time as did and now together and forever in love the two shall win.Twas a simple greeting here he wished appear as words began pour forth and fingers pounding so astounding as door to heart did open.He wears it well and heart it swells with pride and does abide the feelings there and so aware with her he now will travel.Goodmorning lover like no other my hearts wonder and delight as man declares to mornings airs I leave behind my night.

……………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………..

…………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………….

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3 Responses to Leaving His Night

  1. Leslie A Kavourakis says:

    The “lightness of heart” in the Author’s words are a joy to behold. A simple Good Morning” becomes a symphony of happy thoughts and notions flowing through the Author’s mind as love spins him around to a different point of view.


  2. Serena Devi says:

    Observer eyes, gaze into your heart and soul and smiles. Trust the wings of love, hand in hand with your lover, you are safely going home…. blessing S


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