Humble Man

…Mornings chill sleep runs away sun not close to open day dark skies no stary light man awakens in cold of night.Body protests rude intrusion seems only moments since days conclusion man he knows like winter snows his time this place draws near to close soon to other place and warm embrace tired man now surely goes.A lifetime here will end and then another does begin to hearts desire go and not look back to the track he left in winters snow.

…Childern grown and on their own with lives that young ones live.The man has done his fathers duty and now his life does find the beauty of love that does bigin.To go away on springtimes day for the place with lover play and life begins again.The humble man without a plan the journey now begins at screen he stared and then he dared to open heart now wins.The love inside he does abide and sits with sheepish grin before screen of change and rearrange the magic here did start as humble man now has a plan to follow beating heart.Away,away soon break of day he’ll wake in lovers arms with all knowing her love glowing to warm his once cold heart.

…Within the mountains majesty he travels to the destiny and comfort of her arms to learn the ways of lovers play and rest embraced  by charms.Sun will rise and sun will set the humble man risked all on bet of chance in love for staking now weak of knees he strikes these keys as thoughts of lover taking.To have to hold to be so bold did reach out as he pleased the humble man without a plan did pound upon these keys.Now birds they sing as daylight brings refresh upon the land and humble man has now his plan to live the happy ending……………………..For Leslie

…………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………

………………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………….

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5 Responses to Humble Man

  1. Leslie A Kavourakis says:

    The man on the stage, the Rockstar, wails out his love song and the fan, the adoring fan, in the audience, melts at the knowledge that song is for her


  2. R L Burns says:

    what a wonderful piece, catsman! loved it! excellent writing and emotion. rose


  3. R L Burns says:

    yes, i did and i loved it. what lovely complimentary pieces!! they have the ring of truth to them and i enjoyed them both greatly!


    • Thecatsman says:

      Ring of future truth… as I am leaving to live with the lady who wrote the second piece..We make an interesting pair in many ways.After I worte The Leaving I thought it only fitting that my lady write The Arrival and it came off very well.She will be here to pick up myself and sir cat in three weels.


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