Going Home

…The wordsmith is wandering as the poet he’s pondering at this chapter life unfolds.Joy of heart about to start a journey long awaited.A lover’s hand to take this man and to land not known will travel,her heart is guest at his behest and wondrous passions follow.I shall leave this place and perhaps a trace of my life here will remain as I move on to tune of song and two hearts their final meeting.A lifetime here it does appear it’s time that I move on to another place from where to grace a love born and grows strong.

…I as sage do pound on page these words of simple meaning it’s love that’s found and now abounds and passions fires burning.The humble man without a plan looked deep inside to see what found him there as light as air could this vision really be.In dark of night so near to fright a pure heart waiting see.He did abide to look inside with eye to clearly see that all along a quiet song of hope awaited me.Now counts the days as lovers play and ponder what shall be for humble man without a plan met she who so desired.This man,this man her plan began as love for him unfolded she dared to dream but not to scheme and soon became emboldened.Would magic play for her someday and turn the sages mind wondered she at times did see his mind as he seemd simply blind.

…A way they say love finds a way to enter deepest mind and to progress will then address a heart and now a soul.When humble man saw her plan the two halves became as whole.Wordsmith wanders as poet ponders the shock of new beginning,the man looked around and saw now through the fog of stubborn heart’s recieving.This love is there for Grand Affair and new lifetime now beginning the heart,mind,soul are in control and humble man is winning.The sage he knew to receive his due accepted lady”s loving hues and cast shadows from his heart.This place to go leave winter’s snows and follow now my heart.

……………Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………..

………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………..

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2 Responses to Going Home

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    Going Home where the heart is. Congratulations Chris and Lesley, may God bless you both as one.


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