The Arrival

This story is the second part of The Leaving and was written by Lkvaour92….

…The woman looked up from her painting at the sound of the truck”s engine rumbling, loudly. The rumbling ceased and the driver, a man, late 40″s early 50″s approached slowly, almost stiffly it seemed. As their eyes met something stirred inside her. Almost imperceptible, a feeling of recognition, attraction……an insistant feeling. “Any chance there’s a coffee shop or a diner near by? he asked, still locked in her gaze. Smiling she offered him a cup from her thermos and motioned him to sit down. Hot steamy coffee and some conversation later she learned he had been on the road for a day or so with really no destination in particular. Customers came and went and still he remained, unwinding from the road. She reached into her cooler and offered him a sandwich and some cold water. They chatted like old friends and the attraction was, after a while palatable..

…The day seemed to fly by and almost at the end of her business day he finally inquired if she knew of a motel where he might spend the night. “Well there are some motels up by the interstate ” she answered and then more softly,”But I live near here, I’ll be happy to put you up”. A silent and knowing acknowledgement was in his eyes as he accepted her invitation. The dinner that she cooked for him was a long and lingering affair with much talk of “Life Stories”. She spoke of the “Good Man” who had died and he related the woeful results of his divorce some years before. They spoke of children and grands and all the while….. that persistent feeling of recognition, of familiarity and yes, no denying it , attraction.

…She began to clean up and in a turn to put the dishes in the sink, ran right into him. Eyes locked, he kissed her full ont he mouth, gently at first and then deeply. Reeling from the sweetness of it she heard him whisper,” Thank you for the meal” Overcome for the moment and unable to answer him, she thought of how it was longer than she cared to admit since anyone had kissed her, and not like that in her memory. Taking note of his weariness she made up the couch for him where he gratefully laid down and was asleep almost instantly. As for the woman, sleep did not come as easily. As she lie in her darkened room and mulled over the day she thought of what she had glimpsed in his eyes and the kiss they had shared. A bold and brazen plan began to develop in her head as she slipped quietly from her bed and lit a candle on the dresser.

… She made her way down the hall to the living room where there was a faint glow from he security light outside. Looking at him for a few seconds, she watched him breathe and then knelt down and kissed him softly on the side of his mouth and then again…on his lips. He awakened groggily. A “where am I ” awakening. Not waiting for his full arousal she took his hand urging him to follow down the hall to the candlelit room. His clothing dropped in a heap on the floor and she stared boldly at his nakedness. He was smiling as he slipped quietly into her bed A smile began to dance on her lips as well, as she closed the door , firmly, and turned to join him…

……………………..Guest Author  LKavour92……………………………………..

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