World’s Never Ending

…The chill of damp air strikes in the musky dark before the dawn.Birds just begin to chirp and morning dew to form out upon the lawns.Mind is cloudy and body cold at times like these with mind near freeze it is hard to not feel old.There is light that slowly grows on horizons I shall know before this day is ended as thoughts try play on great white page and fingers seem distended.A door has closed blood trickles from wounds of thorny rose as chapters life has ended yet did begin with sheepish grin the story of lifetime waited.One story ends as next begins and pains of roses faded.

…In cold damp air with visions fair I pound again on keys.With sudden start I looked to heart and directions changes saw.Then humble man without a plan was amazed at play when break of day brought light to places darkened.He is now beset upon a quest of lifetimes cosmic wonders to see fulfilled while left behind the all entwined of pains that came before.Chirping birds as pets to stir and mind on tangent wanders.The music plays as thoughts do stray and fingers dance a slow romance with keyboard now to page.What words are found to be profound as worries lowly sage.To have to hold to be so bold a dream he did embrace and now will soon at some high noon take leave this familiar place.

…The mountains stand majestically for to see and crossing great divide will be pleasures ocean to begin last journeys grand adventure.These words and phrases of this day seem jumbled some uncertain.It’s the stage of life I walk the boards as stage hands draw the curtain.The mind at play ere break of day as fingers play uncertain.Some words abound as fingers pound in pre-dawn early light.Should I dare to read or just proceed with click of button sending.My words,my words those precious words to flight like birds at reader unsuspecting take flight in morn without forlorn through world’s never ending.

…………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………

……………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………

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2 Responses to World’s Never Ending

  1. Cats…..visited this site at your urging on Daily Drivel Thread… thinks I’m in for an evening of entertaining reading. Wanted to post this and tell you….the rhythm in this and the previous piece is mesmerizing. Thank you for sending me to this site and thank you for sharing your gift.


    • thecatsman says:

      Anytime…Thank you for comming by and commenting.I love this place but it doesn’t get the volume of comments that I would like to see.There’s that massive ego again…lol


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