…Pre-dawn birds now singing sun not yet bringing her warm touch to expectant mother earth.Coffee cup to hand mind strikes up the band and the finges random dance plays over keys.Chill dawn air spirit off to I know not where and still the mind does prance and fingers dance across the great white page.What to address and send impress my fellows who would visit.A fine day rises and this surprises sometimes man of species human.A patch of blue and lighter hue expanding birds now wing to play.To sing the song I do belong to another’s heart this day as mind will prance and fingers dance and sleep now runs away.

..The cat he dares through window stares his inner hunter sees prey out there though he’s never killed a thing.Instincts guide he does abide watch with hunger birds that sing.As human man who had no plan these keys again he pounds with thoughts of wonder cat he ponders as mother nature brings to light of day the place we play this world that keeps on turning.The humble man without a plan has passions fires burning begins now then story with no end mystical magic plays.The man he dares through window stares to futures lives unfolding off to play at break of day sees wonders most astounding while wordsmith wanders and mind it ponders and fingers set to pounding.Cat stares at birds man pounds out words as sun she slides above horizen’s rim for day begins as time moves on without measure mans heart sings to soul with wings and spirits joy to ring will find now lovers treasures.

………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………

…………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………..

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2 Responses to Treasures

  1. Jeanette says:

    I love the thoughts you express, but they are very hard to read and comprehend with no punctuation to indicate where one thought ends and another begins or where natural pauses would occur if you were speaking!


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