The Leaving

….The key turned with the ease of many turnings and the engine roared to life.As he sat listening to the tune of its rough idle denoting it’s hidden power he reflected on the path that had led him to this moment in time.Thinking of the life that he’d lived here,in this place.The kids,now all adults and out in their own worlds now two with children of their own and the third near now to 25,the youngest and still finding his way in life.He had known now for many years that this moment had to be.A lifetime spent in this town was drawing to a close as fast as the engine temp was coming to life and the rusty old truck rumbled as impatiently as his beating heart.The gas tank filled and all systems checked and ready thanks again to his #1 son whom he affectionately referred to as the “crew chief”.There would be no painful goodbyes as that was not his way,no just a quiet departure on a chilly morn in early spring.
….This departure had been building for many years and at the times previous he’d wished to take it one thing or another had held the man in check.Now though at this moment in time the nagging voices of his wonderous mind were finally all in agreement.Time to move on,one lifetime ending and off down the highway to whatever fate was about to befall this man of 50 plus years.No regrets,no tearful; goodbyes foot applied to clutch the rumbling old truck was eased into gear and he was headed for the south end of town to possibly never return.He was after all the man without a plan it was simply time to finally move on.Picking up speed at the edge of town the engine was roaring into life it had been built and designed for speed.The faster he went the wider the grin on his face,he knew in his heart and soul the a destiny awaited out there,somewhere ahead of him now as the past slipped away mile by mile.
…At first he drove for hours not wishing to stop and the miles just flew on by like the wind blowing through his thick dirty blond hair.Finally though the truck demanded fuel and the body wished for a break from behind the wheel.He had no idea how many miles had been covered and simply did not care.There was no map,no planed destination for this new journey of his life.Just a driving force telling him it was time to leave the place where he had spent his first lifetime.There were no regrets this man simply did not believe in them it had just been time to move on.
….Back out on the road now,truck and man serviced and ready for the next several hundred miles he continued on into the dark of a moonless night.The roads he was traveling became full of slopes and curves as he wandered into some mountainous areas he knew not where.In the darkness he found himself getting a bit tense as he was a flatlander from central Wisconsin and unaccustomed to driving in mountainous areas especially at night in pitch black darkness.Yet into the night he pressed on and kept pushing forward as if driven by demons chasing from behind.He spent many tense hours gripping that steering wheel,eyes peeled for trouble and grateful to the darkness for hiding the sheer drops to the side of the road from his site,yet still he pressed on right on through the sunrise and early morning hours of the new day.
….Rounding yet another curve in the road he found himself coming upon another small community just one more place wherever it was as he still was just driving without direction only sense of purpose.Time he thought to once again service truck and man and possibly find a place to spend a night or two.Not yet knowing why his subconscious was nagging him to stop,HERE….NOW his mind was telling him.Not knowing where he was he began to look for a gas station,cafe or just somewhere to pull off and shut down the rumbling engine and ease his tensions from the long night.Just ahead he saw what looked to be a flea market booth to the side of the road.HERE,his subconscious mind now insisted and indeed took over causing him to downshift and stop directly in front of the strangely appealing booth to the side of the road.He parked the truck and as he reached to switch off the rumbling engine he saw that he had been noticed.There was a woman there sitting quietly behind her tables of merchandise offered up for sale.Her eyes were fixed on his,holding him near to paralyzed with their gaze penetrating seemingly right to the core and depths of his heart and soul.Abruptly he knew……this woman…this place,this time….he knew this woman…..had know her and loved her before.Yes he remembered as he was supposed to remember.He switched off the rumbling and gazed back at her and saw the recognition of lifetimes there in her eyes…..

…………………………To be continued……………………………………..

……………………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………….

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5 Responses to The Leaving

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    The soul is awakened, the heart is recognized , and destiny is come full circle. No plan or scheme, only a Force” is in charge. The subliminal mover of lives….


  2. Serena Devi says:

    It was written so beautifully that tears needed to make the mark on reader’s face. You are a soul with courage and you deserve to meet your mate….


  3. R L Burns says:

    i love this story and am so proud of “him” for knowing it was his time at last! i am so looking forward to the next “chapter”! wonderful imagery and emotion! rose


  4. Jeanette Bryant says:

    Thank you for an adventure … We do this many times in our lives, don’t we … sometimes it is in a truck and sometimes it is simply moved to a different image of ourselves.


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