Curtain Call

…It was the chill time before the dawn birds chirping to warm voice and body in preparation for the day begin.The man woke with a start seeming not knowing only sensing disruption from within.To end and to begin with questions raised sometimes answered others not wonder ponder is it cold or will be hot.I sit before the magic keys the ones of symbols humanity and wonder words will come or stall in the dusty chambers of my mind.Life is full of chapters ending now beginning some to leave us tearful others simply grinning.My mind,my mind my priceless mind spews words and phrases turned out for sometimes to play and others deep wonderings always something in this mind always something wandering.

…Predawn chills and mind it wills body rise from slumber birds to sing and day to bring just what I always wonder.I watch sun rise alone in chill of dawn with clouds this day for to play and keep sun masked as she goes her way just what will words have to say.My words,my words the precious wonderous things that often times are found in rhymes and phrases turned near to sing.Today I know in pre-dawn glow the man he sometimes stumbles.Places bet with now regrets and sometimes finds he’s humbled.A simple man without a plan he does to life give best he can and wishes to recieve.This life,this life along with strife has often brought to knees.If anyone can see where this is leading please tell the man for he is pleading to understand the species human that walks these lands and sometimes touch each other.Why reach out to someone not well known and then ignore the brother.What madness bring when first we sing in natures spring delights but often times we simply bring darkness to our nights.

…A dissertation of complication and confusion reins supreme as dawn’s light breaks what paths to take as day unfolds to follow.Humble man without a plan just sometimes feel so hollow.A part to play at break of day the casting call was answered.Director shouts what life’s about who produces this crazy show.The actor cries the lines abide writer’s strange envision.This world the stage where humans play at life sometimes pretend.Hurtful ways and better days with beginnings and some ends.I wait aside in wings abide my cue to step on stage for after all when curtain call I am simply humble sage.

…………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………..

…………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………….

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One Response to Curtain Call

  1. R L Burns says:

    “A dissertation of complication and confusion reins supreme” – what a fabulous line!


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