His Own Fate

…The first hint of the dawn’s light crept over the horizen as the morning birds burst into song.I woke with a start and pondered was there something wrong.The day has not begun and the body is still ravaged by the restless night why do I awake so as if in state of fright.Morning haze it is that I find inside my head all the while the birds keep singing to loose my sense of dread.There is magic in the air in this chilly morning light as sleepiness leaves the mind and heart let’s go of fright.Another ray of light slips silently towards the day perhaps the Wandering Wordsmith wishes out to play.

…Fingers stiff and mind adrift these keys I begin to pounding wondering if amidst all this I’ll find a thing astounding.The first rays of light and birds to flight bring hope with the dawn of day perchance the Poet will find his verse and not be terse as begins this new day.Man never knows where when words will grow and spirit must release to reader here it must appear he does this all with ease man is not as bold in pre-dawns cold as his words upon the page the humble man without a plan is truely lowly sage.He sits in dawn’s pre-light with fingers simply pounding searching there times unaware to bring forth the astounding side where spirit rides the magical waves of time.Sets adrift thses words that shift and play upon the page to first appease and then to please the humble man and sage.

…Poet is observing now from wings of virtual stage as man steps into light the humble man without a plan has had a restless night.Now light of day has come to play and coffee wakens me as I pound away at this today so man someone might see.For after all is said and done and curtain is drawn to close there is only I heart mind soul combined left behind to be found on great white page.In light of day where spirits play have all  parts now returned and been inturned question question answer new has humble man now found the plan to take control of his own fate.

…………….Peace To All Who PassThis Way……………………………………………

………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………………

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