This day

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way ponder ponder and now to wonder what lies in store for me on this day.Mind is off and wandering and spirit has gone astray and yet the man wonders what will befall on this new day.Spring approaches slowly mother nature’s time rebirth and still my spirit is spinning along with expectant mother earth.Will there be a new beginning to the next chapter of this life or just another ordinary day full of issues and some strife.One just never knows when from their sleep they rise will the day be refreshing and open tired eyes.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way and spirit man now wonder what shall bring this day.The wandering wordsmith travels dusty chambers of my oft befuddled mind leaving man not knowing what exactly he shall find.Poet is off to somewhere he wants to be alone while heart and soul conspire ways to not be hard as stone.Winds of change are blowing as oft they do in spring ponder ponder wonder what does season bring.Man he wants refreshing spirit surely for to follow heart mind soul conspire to keep man from being hollow.Clouded skies above as wind begins to blow what this day is bringing man he surely does not know while up and down and all around the wind of changes blow.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way man has stepped outside himself and spirit is off to play.We can not always know what shall befall us here all that we are promised can vanish in a heartbeat to leave us full of fear.The future unknown unfolds before our very eyes and ours can change and rearrange like clouds up in the skies.All the carefull planing and direction once intended go can change and vanish in a moment and melt with winter snows.Springtime will unfold and our lives continue on the best that can be hoped for is to suffer from no wrongs.It seems to me that peace will be what is found as our springtimes they do start and winds they blow and melting snows reveal what is in our hearts.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way changes changes rearranges what becomes of me this day………… Mother nature has melted winter snows and left us mere members of species human naked upon expectant mother earth.Will you be shy and cover yourself and hide or will you boldly stand naked under the life giving sun and open your heart and soul to the wonders of the life and love around you,indeed before your very eyes.

…………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………….

……………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………

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One Response to This day

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    We shall thank God for the wonders of change, because without change, the seasons, and circumstances, life would be a total bore.


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