How Dark Will Be Your Night

…Another day wanders over the horizon bringing the rebirth of mother nature’s wondrously beautiful spring.What shall it be for you today,will you have a spring in your step and a song in your heart or will the real world intrude upon your soul.One never really knows what will come of any given day that we spend on this the good earth.The rays of life giving sunshine lighting the way for your feet to wander as the rays of spirit nourishing hope bring the light to your heart and soul.The Wandering Wordsmith is traveling the well worn paths in the dusty chambers of my mind today,prehaps he is going to meet up with his new found friend the Poet along the way.Man is not at all sure what he’s going to say as thoughts and notions with mixed emotions upon the page wish to play.

…I search in soul of man today to be sure there is light for man to find his way through all those paths that this life presents him to travel on.Some with great delight and sometimes glee other’s with pains of a lifetime to bring him to his knees.Choices made when choices can and others not to be the limitations of this life sometimes wear on me.Not to worry at it all too much for today for the Wandering Wordsmith wishes out to play.I seek the inner peace and joy he brings and even on a cloudy day the flowing words nearly sing.We live these lives granted to species human and oft I feel we see not the beauty that we bring to those who travel with us here on expectant mother earth,this place,this world that did to give us birth.

…I ascended the steps today to where my Bully Pulpit waits with no hesitation or reservation of that which may await.Some days are just to beautiful to spend on simple pinning there is love to give and oft receive for those who know the way to find the light inside that does abide every special being.The gift of thought and feeling the depth of may send you reeling but to feel the joy or the pain is fate of species human.The walking man or woman  who travels in these lands sometimes fails or bails on stepping barefoot in the sands where life giving waters flow and waves awash the beaches where lie the sands of our time to refresh and yes to bless our yesterdays passing.and leaving bare the sands lie there awaiting footprints of new day for us to choose to win,to loose but hold on to our light.For the light of soul it does control how dark will be our night.

………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………

……………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………..

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One Response to How Dark Will Be Your Night

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    Another beautiful blog, as always. The light of soul it does control how dark will be our night. Chris this blog stresses poise and dignity of form and proportion.


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