The Devil May Care (but I may not)

…Did you ever have one of those days,the kind where you just get sick and tired of the world and seeming every other member of species human just pounding away at you.Everyone stepping up and taking the piece of you that they want or just ignoring you if you’re not acting in a manner that meets their expectations of you.I’ve been letting one of “those” days roll over me for way to long now and frankly I’ve had a bellyful of everyone else’s crap.I’m not going to crawl in a hole somewhere and hide while the foul weather of those around me blows over and is satisfied with the cost extracted from this old cat for being the man he LIKES to be.

…So for a while I’m just going to take  the nice guy out of the game and bench his ass and put the devil may care out on the field in his place.For the forseeable future I’m going to be all about what makes ME happy and if other’s get caught up in my wake to bad for them.I’m done apologizing for how I feel and how I honestly come by my feelings for and about people.I know who I am and what I need to do for myself and whatever doesn’t happen to fit in other’s agendas is not my problem.The horns are out and fair warning they are sharp and ready for action.

…No fancy words or phrases turned today,just a statement of simple fact.I learned a long time ago in this life you can lead,follow or get out of the way.I am the LEADER of my particular part of this universe we travel in and I will control my life in a manner that is fit the way I see it and those who can’t take me that way are welcome to move on by.This is MY world and MY life and no one but no one is going to keep this old cat pinned down long enough to dull my claws.So say I and so you have been warned.Mr. Nice Guy is taking an administrative leave of indeterminate length and the devil may care dude is in the game and calling the shots untill further notice.

………………….Have A Nice Day……………………………………..

……………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………….

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4 Responses to The Devil May Care (but I may not)

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Dear friend, I am fasting from words for a while, however I am around and would love to read your words. somehow I am speechless with this one. Please stay kind to your soul, because it is not in your nature to echo the words of evil which only create seperation and loneliness for your own heart, you are a wonderful loving soul, stay true and the one who cannot resonate with your light, will stay behind, but please do not fight with your kindness(nice guy!) and generosity of your heart, you are far better than that.. Many blessing Serena


    • thecatsman says:

      Not to worry my friend I can and will be allowing the Wandering Wordsmith and his new friend the Poet to grace these pages,for a short while one must remind the world around himself that this kind gentle soul is not to be triflied with….I am but gathering in my light to refresh that gentle soul that resides here…..


  2. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    As the words flow day after day week after week, the man is peeled away…layer by layer…each layer deeper, more real, the years fall away and the man left standing is the last vestage of a “Gentler” generation, and irresistable in his sensitivity…in his bravado, in his romance a most appealing knight….


  3. thecatsman says:

    I stand before such words and find myself humbled….


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