Speechles…(from the dating site 8/22/09)

…A Saturday morning has dawned,the brisk breeze blowing,the sun bright and warm in the cool morning air.I was having a conversation with a special friend this morning.We talk of many things,kids,cats,dogs and whatever happens by.There is a comfort zone that has developed between us,a relaxed style of communication that we share.It seems so natural to be at ease with this woman that sometimes I feel like I’ve known her for a very long time.
…The truth is we realy have not known each other that long but there is a bond that formed so quickly that it went almost unnoticed.A relaxed easy kind of bond that allows a freedom of expression that is a rare and wonderful thing.I feel as though I should be surprised at this turn of events but truth be known I am not.
…This feels to me like a natural evolution of myself.To have actualy met a person via this medium with whom I share a communication style that may have eluded others,an easy exchange of thoughts and emotions that almost feels like a face to face exchange.There’s a feel to the words,a subtle inflection to the way the conversation flows from mind to keyboard to the eyes that await the reading and interpitaion thereof.
…What a profound and beautiful thing this is.Every day to know that someone wants to hear what I have to say and I wanting to hear her thoughts and feelings.Yes face to face is the best way to communicate but there’s nothing that compares to the special way I feel when I exchange words with this wonderful lady that has entered my life.Where will this all lead one might wonder.I know that it has led me to an examination of my heart to see what’s inside,to a glimpse into my soul to see how I feel.
…It seems that I have rediscoverd some emotions that I wasn’t sure were still available to me.The tingling sensations running up and down my spine.Quiet chuckles escaping from my lips at odd moments.A certainty of feeling and relaxed set of mind that I had thought may have passed me by forever.I have opened my heart and exposed my soul to another and I can not possibly put into words what this means to me.
…I’ve been left speechless and breathless all in the instant of time it takes to feel the words that reach my heart and soul through the infernal machine that I feared for so long.I find it ironic that a thing that I have long been afraid of has led to the release of my spirit.It seems you have to face your fears in order to gaze upon your soul.Will you face down your fears and gaze through the window to your soul,releasing your spirit to fill your heart with joy? I will leave you with these thoughts now,my friends, as I am sure another conversation awaits………

…..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…..

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