Easter’s Kitchen

…Well I suppose I should wish one and all a Happy Easter today.I’m sure it’s an important day to most or maybe not as the case may be.Here at the Palace it doesn’t seem to mean much to anyone excepting maybe myself.Once again I find myself surround by people half my age who seem to only thrive when there’s some form of entertainment at hand.Me I long for a simple uncomplicated life,quietly sneaking up behind my favorite girl and being a minor irritent while she would be preparing a family dinner,not because it’s an expected of her but because it is what she wants to do.
…A day for a pleasant family gathering with the blending of diverse personalities that would be present at my fantasy gathering.Young and old,new members and well whoever happens by to be a member of “our” family for the day.Easter should be about family after all and if you need to gather in some new members to help partake of a special meal fresh out of a traditional kitchen full of love well by all means do so.It’s the right thing to do.That’s not always easy the right thing to do but nobody should be alone all the time especially on traditional family holidays,as I’m certain anyone finding themself on a dating site can attest to.
…Yup I’d sneak right up behind that wonderful girl of my dreams,wrap my arms around her and steal a sweet kiss.Of course I’d run off laughing before she gets a chance to smack me for bothering her while she’s knee deep in doing something she loves to do.Yes this old cat is a tad lonely today in the middle of the chaos that is this place I find myself in.It’s no wonder I look deep into my heart on a day like this and conger up something for to help me feel a little better.Take me away Calgon to the place where my heart is today……in that Kitchen,the one where love resides…..Just me…Chris

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