Today’s Special

…So the Monday is back to grace the world again.What will it be for you today? One wonders this and many things as the bright sunshine smiles down on my little spot in the universe today.For me I’m pretty neutral so far on this day of days,I’ve been maintaining a high level of mental(yup I said that)energy for a few days and I’m thinking of just slowing down today.I’ve sown some seed,cast my bread upon the waters,put out some feelers,reached out and touched someone(not THAT way..get your mind out of the gutter)and just been a busy little beaver.Now that realy is a bad comparision as I tend to be one attempting to break down some damns not build them up,of course we all know about the road that is paved with good intentions.
…I think today I’m going to knock out a few of those personal damns,you know the kind.They block up our life forces,the emotions and feelings that make the unique members of species human that we have become in this life so far.Like the farmer that has planted his seed or the fisherman with his net cast into the life giving waters it’s time to sit back and crack open that cold one that I keep hidden in the dusy chambers of my mind.Sometimes all you can do is relax and wait to see what comes out of the sea of life when you gather in the nets that have been cast upon the waters.

…Prehaps,just maybe you will find yourself drawn up in another’s life net.Will this be a good thing or a not so good thing,is there to be a meeting of the minds and prehaps a joining of life forces that combines two magical creations of the universe together in an effort to better each other’s life and enrich two of God’s lost souls.I guess you just never know.There can be so many diffetrent ways and combinations that just the mere ponderence of them can be overwhelming.So I guess for today and today only I’m having a special sale.I’m offering myself up to the universe at a super special low sale price.No I am not selling myself out or offering my soul up to the devil,I’m just sitting back to see if any of my fellows would like to partake of the man that is me at maybe the best price of the season.

…So the damns are down my life water is flowing free and bubbling and babbling at times on it’s way to the freedom of the sea.Is there fisherman to catch me there,will I be brought from the depths to become the food for another’s sustanence?If wishes were fishes and I were fisherman I’d cast my net to the briney depths and wait upon the pitching deck for to see what shall this Monday have in store for me.My life force is storng and my spirit is wealthy there is a man here to be found and taken to task of doing the human thing,to another’s life simple joy for to bring.

……………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………

………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………..

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One Response to Today’s Special

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    We acknowledge our desires, move what we believe is Heaven and Earth to fulfill them….Then,soul emptied, in this whirlwind of pursuit, there is nothing left but contemplation…and the wisdom to wait upon the Gods, We look outside ourselves and inside ourselves and find nothing wanting there. An honorable, and deep man , a romantic, waits…and the Earth slowly moves to fulfill……


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