1004 Of My Words…..Cynical Ones

From the vaunted dating site……

…I can’t realy write what it is I want to say today.There are several reasons all personal some good and some selfish and maybe not so good.What I want to do is rant and rave about misconceptions and misunderstandings and an entire host of other things that are pissing me right the you know what off today.I don’t much care for the way I’m feeling so naturaly I’m pounding away again in an effort to appease my mind.No poetry and the wordsmith will have nothing to do with this particular dissertation.This one is the man one who has dared to open himself and put it all out on the line because it comes naturaly and seemes the right thing to do.
…Next I should mention that I don’t care what anyone thinks of this particlar collection of words and phrases but this isn’t WordPress so I can’t just turn off the comments section.If I could I just might because I don’t realy want to offend anyone and risk yet some more misunderstanding by casualy deleting comments like happened to me yesterday,however it is the right of every OP to do so and I’ll not involve myself in that ages old debate.I ponder today on mistakes,my own naturaly because apparently I just don’t understand soooo many things about these vaunted sites.After all I’ve only been around this place for a little less than a year so what could I possibly know compared to more expierenced folks who have invested some number of years into this place or others like it.
…Let’s see I know I’m human with feelings,thoughts,desires and such like that.Also I know I’m up front and honest and try to be very clear in communicating with others in whatever fashion I have available to hand.So what is it about me that seems to suddenly not know how to say what’s on my mind in a clear and concise manner or perhaps do I simply say things that possibly some others don’t want and choose not to hear,and let’s not forget along with that I now seem to have a lack of understanding too.Do I seem to be confused,well could be that I am.Seems I can’t wrap my head around some of the concepts that consistently show up on the vaunted dating site.The seeming demanding profiles or the pursuit of perfection or the notion I have that sometimes what people say they want is just great until it comes along and looks them in the eye.Opp’s now what to do.
…I am after all is said and done a simple man.Now observe very carefuly I am a MAN.Human with a heart and soul and feelings that I try to come by in an honest and forthright fashion and share as seems fit to me.I would think that I deserve respect as I give it,human dignity as I treat others with it understanding as I always try to understand.I’m not just a pic or twelve hiding behind a screen acting in a fashion here that I would not act like in the real world.I understand one hell of a lot more about things than people think I do and I sure as hell know when I’ve touched another human and seen into thier heart.I respect myself and my intuitions and understanding of others and know damn well when I’m being what I call handled.
…Sometimes I error on the side of respect for another person’s personal space as opposed to go charging agressively in to satisfy MY desires and yes there are times when I may need to have something explained to me more than once as I try to wrap my head around the concept that I’ve lived on this good earth for over fifty years but just don’t understand people.Hmmm another interesting thing that’s got me more than a little cheesed off today.What is this rant realy all about today? Nothing much if you don’t see it by now I’ve obviously miscommunicated yet again.Hey it’s just me the human being lashing out on the great white page in an attempt to help myself feel better.Damn selfish of me I suppose but I don’t realy care at this particular moment in time as it’s how I feel and this too shall pass.How dare I go off like this,I dare a lot of things and there is much more to this man than meets the eye from that screen in front of you.I have to go now as there are some things I need to do to improve the quality of my life and well the real world beckons me to come blow away all the catch 22’s that I deal with so I have more value than just being a careing,honest,open,compassionate.respectful,senisitive,giving..oh hell what’s the point I know WHO I am but that just never seems to be quite enough.Oh well some days there’s just nothing left to give and I guess today might be one of them.To bad so sad time to move on,cause that’s just how people are.So go ahead and soak me right up and partake of the man that is me.Please to remember before you wring out that sponge you soaked me into and go on your merry way I am human and deserve to be treated as such.
…I’m leaving this rant with a quote from a song today.Can’t give proper credit because just now can’t recall who wrote it but here it is anyway…..”Go ahead and hate your neighbor,go ahead and cheat a friend.Do it in the name of heaven you’ll be justified in the end.”.So there I’m done ranting and go now to wave my magic wand and fix all those things my real world that apparently need to be fixed so I can be more worthy of well whatever as I am sure I must be good for something even though I freely admit to only being human.Oh one last thing,pardon me for not behaving in a manner consistent with how you think I should.

Have a nice day……

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2 Responses to 1004 Of My Words…..Cynical Ones

  1. bekabunnie says:

    I was looking for a more private way of sending you a message, but I’m not sure there is one….

    Have you tried OKCupid.com? I very much enjoy their site, and have found more ….worthwhile people shall I say? On there.


    • thecatsman says:

      My friend I have no need of yet another dating site.I like where I am and have many friends ,besides I’m quite sure they are all much the same.I’m not actively looking for anyone anyway.I would comment further but other’s privacy comes into play……


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