Selfish Man

I stand empty

On this night

Underneath stary light

Heart is tired

Man is too

Wonders when the giving ends

And maybe some returns come in

Selfish man

He wants to win

Heart in hand

Now held extended

Questions questions

Answers few

When will heart

Recieve his due


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2 Responses to Selfish Man

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    The author, while out walking on a cold night, turns a corner into the wind…The winter- like chill reaches in and dispells the warmth deep inside. countenance is shaken… But, not to worry, by daylight the sun will re appear, both body and soul will bask in it’s warmth and heart will once again sing…


    • thecatsman says:

      Like any member of spiecies human I have my moments of weak will and lonely soul,but then one gathers self in and sets out once again to be so bold as to dare to win.It is part of being……..hunan.


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