Winter’s Snows

Springtime breezes in the air

I look to heart and find you there

I am not the most worthy man

Simple man without a plan

Heart compells me every day

Gently probing soul please light my way

I pray to God for help to see

The path that leads to you and me

But I am humble man without a plan

My love to share I do seek

With full knowledge that I am weak

Oh this matter of the heart

Now so drives me with spring to start

Nature’s wonders bring rebirth

Upon this our expectant mother earth

Please spirits for me to guide

Hearts to holding hands while love abides

Birthed with springtime’s gentle grace

Spirit lead me to this place

Where heart compells me for to go

And love shall weather winter’s snows


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3 Responses to Winter’s Snows

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    Breath taking cats! So refreshingly spring.


  2. Serena Devi says:

    The gentleness of your heart is spring itself, however, it’s beauty capture the four seasons all together.


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