Sunday Thoughts

…Wow a beautiful sunny Sunday has arrived and some more daylight to go along with it.It certainly reminds me of a day I took a chance and did something “outside the box” at least for me.Funny how the result of that notion and the words I sent through cyberspace are still being tallied today.Life is a strange kettle of fish sometimes.
…This is the kind of day you should spend with a special other.Go for a walk to see how much snow is left to melt,listen to the birds chirping merrily away and in general just enjoy the day.The magic of spring is in the air so girls be careful as we all know what a young man’s fancy turns to on days like today.Older men are the same way just a bit more refined about things one would hope.It’s been a long cold sometimes lonely winter and the need for companionship will be nearing desperate levels on a day like today.
…A walk in the park or just a stroll down the street holding hands and smooching at the corners before crossing to the next block of adventure that awaits.What a profoundly wonderful way to spend such a bright sunny Sunday.Maybe,just maybe she’ll offer up that beautiful smile that even rivals the sunshine on a day like today.Wouldn’t that just melt your heart away?

……….Just Me…………..

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2 Responses to Sunday Thoughts

  1. Serena Devi says:

    I enjoyed my walk with you on this Sunny day. Serena


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