A Simple Notion

…Kids and cats and dogs,and don’t forget the grandkids and all the assorted doings and facets of life.To begin and end each day with that one not so perfect oppisite as all the life unfolds around us every day.Not to be each other’s “everything” just the special part of the multi faceted heart.To know that one is loved and start and end each day basking in the glory of said love and spending the rest of the day spreading it around to all those in our lives who need it too.Then to refresh it and cherish and nuture it through the night so it’s ready too bring itself to light with the dawn……


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5 Responses to A Simple Notion

  1. bekabunnie says:

    It seems so simple, but is so hard to find. There’s no need to look for one’s other half if both are whole. Certainly one can find fulfillment without a companion but let’s face it: It’s all much sweeter with one. Well… the RIGHT one anyhow. I adored this, as I do so many of your thoughts. ❤


  2. Jessie Lewis says:

    Warm and sweet.


  3. thecatsman says:

    Just like the silly old dude that wrote it…..lol


  4. kristylove says:

    Yup yup yup. 🙂


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