Note To A Friend

…Semper Fi my friend “May the power of God’s love protect you,the wisdom of his love guide you,for wherever you are-God is” Had to try that on for size.Felt good as I too am familiar with the paths of addiction and having opened my heart to the healing process I found it wanting also and know that my heart now stands open to love of another.My simple personal prayer these days has become “waiting is” as I have also learned that sometimes one must stand still and take in the beauty that surrounds us before one is again ready to move forward.Articles of faith are always the hardest to accept as we are taught to fight for that we want and to expect those we may love to fight to win our hearts.I’m not sure if I’m making sense here but I do know that for this moment in time I am “standing still” to move forward as “waiting is” I should dearly love to visit your “Mayberry” some fine day and be recieved in beauty by two loving souls of God’s good earth……..Carry on Jarhead.

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One Response to Note To A Friend

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    Beautiful blog cats, I know that it came straight from the heart.


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