If Wishes Were Fishes

…If wishes were fishes and I were a fisherman I’d have the material wealth I need to navigate this wonderously strange world.Could I be the knight in shining armour riding to the rescue of the princess who awaits my powerful magical kiss.The soldier gone to war who passes through hell and back again to return to the loving woman who has waited and worried that his return could never be.The magical mystery tour of hearts both real and imagined and stories often told to childern as they grow.

…I woke up with a start as the sun was slowly begining her task.Confused and befuddled of mind wondering where my soul had been traveling during the long restless night.Reality settled in so I needs must begin day of whatever would await.Will needs be met or should I place bet on wants gone by the way.If wishes were fishes and I were a fisherman I’d cast my line through wind and wave trying to catch a dream before it goes away.The knight in shining armour rode boldy to dragons liar slayed the beast that awaited him there.Soldier off to war his heart left in lovers care knowing if he survives he’ll find her waiting there.Can I conger up the dream,the fantasy abounding to fill my real life with happiness astounding.Questions,questions answers nerver revealed until it seems to late for dreams to be fulfilled.

…I sit before infernal machine the keys I’m simply pounding while thoughts and notions with mixed emotions set my heart to sounding.The ringing in my ears won’t stop and at times I feel simply desperate with needs gone by the wayside as I do abide what world deals to me.My fingers dance across the keys as wordsmith simply tries to please the man who lives within.What direction of perception will be dealt to me today I as man without a plan simply do not know.What is this thing this wonderous thing that seems to drive me so.

…If wishes were fishes and I were fisherman I’d cast my line into the brine of sea she is so deep.To sleep and dream of wonderous things will sun be red in morning for sailor to take warning or sun be red at night to bring to captins table a living fable of sweetness loves delight.I went to dragon’s den to slay the beast astounding returned to princess kiss with heart then set to pounding.Soldier off to war need not to implore heart his lover keep will he return or be interned in heros final sleep.These words I pound to page now filled with wonder I am sage the lowly sage the words be simply tools what proof have I to show that I am not just simple fool.

….If wishes were fishes and I were fisherman or knight or soldier but I am sage the simple sage who pounds his heart on to the page……….

……………Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………..

………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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10 Responses to If Wishes Were Fishes

  1. hepsy says:

    If thoughts were actions wrapped in abstractions the mind would yield her treasure.
    Glued in synapses without the lapses the mind is eloquent pleasure.
    (Don’t laugh. I’m not a poet but you inspire. :))


  2. pyeager says:

    “If wishes were fishes and I were a fisherman I’d cast my line through wind and wave trying to catch a dream before it goes away.”

    I hope the fish are biting for you!


  3. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    In the quiet of the night, great epics are played out in our minds. Heroic acts are as simple tasks…..Daybreak comes to this author and with it the magical gift left over from the dream…The magic words that bring his dream, and ours to life. That instill the possibility of it’s all being true…


  4. If only wishes were fishes.


  5. Thecatsman says:

    For Leslie
    ……To have to hold to be so bold as only you may be because you see after all the wishes were fishes and I cast my net to briney depths and a wonder I did behold.Red sun in morning red sun at night and to Captins table came his delight this lovely charming totaly disarming magical woman of his dreams.


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