My Blessing My Curse

…I wait in the wings of my virtual stage today in stark raging fear of what it is I needs must say.The spotlight splashing it’s harsh white glare across the bully pulpit awaiting me on the great oaken stage.I have no notes from which to draw courage I am about to step up and deliver what may be the most difficult message I have ever pontificated form my stance before the places appointed.I come to this place a humbled man today as I have been shown that simply because I can turn a phrase and make the symbols of humanity before me dance with wonderous flowing beauty across the page I don’t always communicate just what it is I think I want to say.

…My words,my words those beautiful flowing words that dance their way to visit themselves upon my fellow members of spiecies human do not seem to have served this man well in the most ordinary of ways.While I can take my place behind this bully pulpit and send messages sometimes astounding out through the infernal machine to dance and play and touch the hearts of my fellows it seems that in my most ordinary of real world life those same precious words have been causing undue strife.What I thought I had said and understood with my oft befuddled mind seems to have been an elusive strain of reality at best.

…I truely am a humbled man that stands upon this stage.Pondering now wondering how it could be that my words would serve others so well but simply betray me.Perhaps as I look to deep within I realize that my words are fine it’s the man who has caused chagrin.Having now to see the error of my way I can only offer apoligizes for my words that ran astray understanding also seems to have been lacking in my communications of ordinary day.My words,my words and others how percieved I have stumbled and am humbled by that which has been me.

……………………..Today With Humility…………………………………

…………………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………

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2 Responses to My Blessing My Curse

  1. EA Murphree says:

    Impressive collection of thoughts worded with unselfish emotion.


  2. pamblizzard says:

    Nicely said!


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