Humbled Man

…I am man and this I needs must remember…

…It’s a lady’s choice world in which we live and a man must stand ready to please at all times….But only when called upon to do so……

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3 Responses to Humbled Man

  1. EA Murphree says:

    Powerful meaning behind these words that could apply to both men and women, it is caring that brings anyone to this place in their lives. Great words for thought…and as I live in Wisconsin too, the constant white that surrounds us brings shadows into our lives and writing brings the reality of life into focus. Keep writing.



  2. bekabunnie says:

    ^^^ maybe that’s why we’re so lost down here!!!


  3. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    The loving man, who stands and waits upon the lady, will become the “all encompassing” man The quiet “Hero”, even his stance is an embrace….


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