…I want to write today with words that dance and play upon the great white page presented before my weary eyes.Taking liberty to turn a phrase while the wordsmith he plays dodge the cobwebs in the dusty chambers of my mind.The second pot of coffee brews and I investigate to see what my fingers will do on this bright sun filled winter’s day.Will there perhaps be a hint of spring in the chill of this new day as my mind to fingers does play upon these the symbols of my humanity.They say he who hesitates is lost but yet I needs must pause as it sometimes pays to ponder before letting mind simply wander to discover what it is I think I want to say.

…Often times a notion appears and floats around in a tantializing seductive dance before the wandering wordsmith traveling through the chambers of my mind.Do I realy need to pontificate or should I just open gate and let the wonderous words flow from mind to heart and soul on way to release through the magical black and white embosed keys of the infernal machine that sometimes sets me free.It’s days like today that I needs must wonder what has and will become of the likes of me.

…Here I sit before the magical keys my body in protest as my mind screams it’s needs I am the man without a plan wondering wandering on these simple keys to puonding the the thoughts and notions with mixed emotions that lay within the core of me.I dare to reveal just how I feel fingers flying with wreckless abandon across keys wandering wondering just who it is I aim to please is it you or do I do these things I dare to do in effort for to appease that which is me.Do answers come with questions or certainty with doubt on days like this must needs I shout notice,notice a humble human screams his wish to be seen.Life oh life wonderously beautiful life will you please to stop and take note of me.

…………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………….

……………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………….

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One Response to Wandering

  1. bekabunnie says:

    Looks like it was written in quite a hurry or before the very needed second pot of coffee had reached your lips!

    Answers can’t come without questions, and answers usually yield yet more questions! Oh what a cycle! I’ve began thinking that certainty it for fools who fail to ponder all that life means or could mean.

    The wordsmith most definitely should release the flood gates and let the words spill over the keys … this is what I do when I write and it is very relieving. I don’t post everything I write since to do so would seem a bit too much like a “Notice ME!” and I fear I’d lose sight of WHY I write…. for me.

    Thanks for the bit of peace.



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