The Journey

…So the moment came at 11:55 on Saturday night.The WordPress blog hit 4000 views and seemed to freeze in time before my bleary eyes.At the time it wasn’t all that important to me as I had spent the eve of the vaunted Valentine’s day preparing items of interest for the specific purpose of the day at hand.I of course realize that it is a personal milestone that paused before my weary eyes and I share it here as I know there are some good people here who have staunchly encouraged my little adventure and continue to follow with interest the antics of this old cat.
…It is a strange journey to take deep inside one’s particular version of species human.Wandering around inside your own mind as you find and take the path that leads to your heart.Pausing to partake of what can be found there and to see if the door to your heart is open or closed.Exploring all that your life so far has deposited there and gathering the courage and fortitude for the next path you find that simply must be followed,for upon leaving the heart unless you retreat back to the mind the only place left to go is your soul.
…One must approach this path with great care as it is only with brutal honesty of self exploration that this path can be taken.If you are not ready to hold your soul up for examination with clear vision and strength of pure heart you had better not attempt to pass that way.The deepest reaches of that which has become the self of today will be explored and exposed for you minds eye to behold.This is where you simply must learn the art of truth.Only by being the interested observer with a willingness to expose all to be weighed,measured and thourghly examined will you begin to find the peace and tranquility that is there for any who can pass the test of self assesment,valuation and plan for any changes to remove traits of self that leave you restless and wanting as a member of this the great species human.
…Beware the journey within my friends you just might find your self there.This person,character,this thing we call human that makes us so unique in the vast universe we have been foisted upon.It matters not what you believe of how this wonderous spiecies human has arrived here,these matters are of import to your individual self and those you choose to share with.What matters is the ability to take that journey to your soul for regaurd or disregaurd of what you find in attendence there.Have you the courage to travel there and examine,to change what you may find wanting and return again to your fellows a better woman or man for having taken the journey.Please to be careful if you go down that path or you could end up like me wearing your heart on your sleeve and exposing bits and pieces of your soul for all to see as they come to be in their places appointed before the bully pulpit of your mind.
…………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………
…………………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………….

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5 Responses to The Journey

  1. Well put, thank you, as I also travel my path


  2. bekabunnie says:

    You know, wearing your heart on your sleeve is always portrayed as a bad thing but I think it cannot be so. Doing so leaves you open to pain, yes, but it also leaves you OPEN. Whatever good things come, too, are welcomed in with open arms! So perhaps a person who leaves them-self open in this manner is in truth the optimal human being. The true essence of what we all ought to be. Congrats on the milestone and by all means keep it up!


  3. elizabethannmurphree says:

    Well said…there is truth in words.


  4. “. . . brutal honesty of self exploration . . . ”
    You are right there. In the world around, one who is tender, is chewed up. I say it because I have had tough life for staying honest based on honest self-exploration.


  5. iamaperson says:

    bekabunnie is a wise lady. K


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