Just Me

…I have not a clue what is about to appear on the great white page today.It’s Friday and there’s sappy country music playing next to me.I don’t know what is on my befuddled old mind,indeed if anything at all.What I do know today is I’m am being visited by friend Lyme and my mind and body are in a state of rebellion.Things like fingers and such not wanting to work and my mind is not at all sharp so I’ve no idea what’s comming out next.I just know that I need to pound on these the symbols of humanity.
…Do I dare to tell it like it is,well it seems that the fumbling fingers and what is passing for my mind insist that I do.I seek the journey to inner peace as the outer man simply must continue.It is perhaps not a good idea to be so forthright and bluntly honest on this the wonderous stage of the great white page but this is what’s in front of my tired old eyes so this is where I pour out that which I feel at this moment in time.The words are not flowing and the wordsmith seems to be in retreat from the chambers of my mind.Is there a matter of import to pontificate on or just a needed distraction comming into play.
…Where is the flow,the beautifuly turned phrase to dance from heart mind and soul and appear on the magical screen that my eyes don’t even want to look at just now.A moment in time,just a pause of thought and motion to breathe and ponder as mind does wander to places far away.Places that I hope to yet see someday.I search for relief and release pounding on these keys without knowing what will appear next.I guess this one is all about what resides inside this body,this thing that grips and holds sway on some days.
…The fumbling fingers are dancing to tune unknown mind not caring spirit longing for a different reality on this fumble fingered Friday.To play,to play the spirit wants to reach out and touch the world today,to have,to hold and be so bold as the truth to put upon the great white page.Do I dare to release that which has hold of me what will the world say,will they stand and walk away from the places appointed as I pour forth what needs must escape the confines of my befuddled mind.There is no great thought or notion and not very much emotion as I pound out a lengthy disertation with nothing much to say.
…And the sappy country song plays in the ear as the mind seemingly slips away.Welcome my friends to the show that never ends,welcome to my world on fumble fingered Friday.The mad rush is over the words they have escaped perhaps that is what drives this sometimes mad man on this day.To see my precious words let out to play,they are free now,my precious words are free question remains just where does that leave me?

…………Just Me…………………………

We now return you to the regularly schduled wandering’s of Thecatsman

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6 Responses to Just Me

  1. lwayswright says:

    I feel like that most days…my fingers don’t want to work, my joints don’t want to move and my brain freezes in time! don’t worry, tomorrow is another day!


  2. pixilated2 says:

    Normally, I would suggest you go out for a walk to clear your head and loosen those joints… but it is probably snowy and freezing where you are.


  3. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    Almost like “Automatic Writing” on the stage today while “another” daydreams of desires unfulfilled and roads not taken….Just how many of you are in there Captain??


  4. iamaperson says:

    Hang in there Buddy….tomorrow is another day, you just need to get through today.


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