I Dare Say

…Unsettled man decending from mind to heart and then soul.Wondering wandering through the being known to me as self and asking question question when do the halves become as whole.Desires awakened will not now return to rest thoughts and notions so many mixed emotions seem to simply run unchecked.Heart’s desire entwined with that of soul manifesting as humble man’s physical demon craving his own release.I sit before the magic keys hammering pounding that which is me sending through infernal machine all that lies within.Heart and soul to belonging demon’s powerful longings held by mindful tight control.Forces within combinations begin to wear down strength of simple man bluntly stated to be abated inner demon must speak to lose control of heart mind soul would surely show me weak.

…I was the man who had no plan to find self in this state with joy of feeling senses reeling road unknown I did take.At end of road there shines a light where dreams they do reside but first must journey up and down then all around like coaster rolling on track not simply strolling down lane that lovers seek.Awakens demon that burdens man has for time unmeasured desires strong is it so wrong to feel the demon’s heat.I am the man without a plan does wonder when time will come that seneses reel and heart mind soul again all seem as one and find toghether a different journey has begun and reward of lovers reap.

…A man a man a simple man whose heart has taken leap to love a woman with all I am now lives his life without a plan desires rewards that lovers seek.The mind it knows and the soul does glow with heart now worn on sleeve.Demon’s ires have lit the fires of natures mans most base desires spirit wonders while mind it ponders does this now make me weak.To have and hold and be so bold upon the great white page in bold symbols of my humanity I admit that which I seek.Seeming fearless in truth be breathless at thoughts so overpowering.Tis natures way this I feel these days of of loves expressions on words now begin to stumble our expectant mother earth she knows that when love in man begins it’s glow the demon won’t be humbled.

…Tis natures way I feel today as key I do now pound.Senses on hightened plane a sound or touch like gentle rain lights the fires of mother nature’s imposed desires to have to hold and be so bold two lovers joined as one become with beauty of natures fury something more than merely human.Lost in play that is natures way of spirits two be joined as one with lovers fire all consuming to forget forget with no regret each as only one and feel hearts beat as souls they meet and two become as one. 

…These words on page the fingers dancing while thoughts of woman and romancing in mind of lowly sage such words I dare to leave to air upon the great white page.The demon’s dance thoughts of loves romance and natures needs come creeping upon humble man without a plan escape me on this day.These words oh words these demon’s words escaping man without a plan these words I dare to say.

……………………..Peace To All Who Pass This way…………………………………

……………………………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………….

“A transluscent soul stands naked, baring love desire and discipline….And I, a woman, in reading, cannot help but ask, “Who stands for me” as this lover does?”……………L.K.

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8 Responses to I Dare Say

  1. Serena Devi says:

    patience and faith have been loyal companies of many seekers at pilgrims of love.

    May their guidance, keep you safe from the unwanted thoughts and undesired outcomes.


  2. Era Zhyr says:

    I find this post impressive because it presents itself like a revelation. Very interesting.


  3. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    A transluscent soul stands naked, baring love desire and discipline….And I, a woman, in reading, cannot help but ask, “Who stands for me” as this lover does?”


  4. bekabunnie says:

    I enjoy the rhythm of your words – much better when read aloud (perhaps should have been poetry?)… as for thoughts on content, I think I’d better keep my cynicism so myself for now.


  5. Mad God Woman says:

    Where angels and demons dance their dangerous dance together, poetry happens.


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