Winter’s Moon

…A cold stark January night stars winking silently as moon shines it’s bright white reflection off seasons snow.Bitter cold has settled upon our expectant mother earth mind is wandering wondering to maybe find some words of sage’s worth.There is a harsh beauty on this deep winter’s night under twinkling stars and mistress moon so bright.The silence is near to deafening in winter’s bitter chill I should be inside where it’s warmer to abide my body’s needs but I simply can’t resist nature’s quiet kiss in the stillness of winter night.

…Snow crunches under feet kept moving so cold penatrates not to deep.I gaze with child’s wonder at the world as it lays sleeping under darkness creeping with wonderous stars and beaming gaze of mistress moon’s delight.Reflecting snows white blanket keeping stillness silence upon world of black and white no thoughts of summer fall or spring need come to me this night I am content to moments stand beneath beauty of winter moon’s chill light.Ponder ponder mind does wander what springtime she will bring a quiet song is in my heart longing waiting for seasons changing and summer lovers together sing.But just for now I feel somehow this moment’s given magic the cold stark winter’s gaze it brings a rest to expectant mother earth time of healing preperations for springtime and rebirth. 

…With wonderous eyes I watched moon rise my love she watched it set both seeking moments peace outside the confines of man’s shelters from the cold.To find a thrill in winter’s chill both having been so bold to seek the silence of the cold moon’s rising gives way to setting as sun she brings mornings things to dance upon the earth.I am here my love she’s there each to own’s did seek the black and white of moonlit night underneath the magic light beginning ending silence sending message to the heart.Ponder ponder mind does wander young man’s fancy wishes spring to start yet old man stands upon the sands of winter’s snow thinking not now winter brings times of bitterness and strife knowing rather winter moon she brings sign of beauty that is life.

……………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………

………………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………….

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2 Responses to Winter’s Moon

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Thanks to your pen and depth of your wondering. The message of spring, the one that only a pan like yours could drow in front of the lost and sad eyes of mine, how much I needed to remember the cycle of change and the hidden beauty that every turn promise. Thank you


  2. Lynne.A says:

    Thank you, a pleasure to read.


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