An American Legacy(of kids and cars)

…The phone is ringing in the early afternoon of a drizzly fall day.The eldest son is calling to inquire of my whereabouts as I am supposed to be on my way to the Castle to pilot the hot little Dodge Neon in what will likely be the last car cruise of the season.When the fall colors come out and the leaves begin to flutter to the frosty ground it usualy marks the end of the cruise season.Before the snow flies up here in central Wisconsin the beastly 73 Dodge Charger SE will be lovingly tucked away for the winter,and visions of next year’s cruise season will dance in our car guy heads until spring comes once again to the frozen magical landscape of winter.
…I find myself on this day just worn out and lacking the proper attitude for said cruise.Explaing this to the number one son,I polietly decline the oppertunity,terminate the call and retreat to the Palace garage for a smoke.As I sit alone in the chill afternoon I ponder what has led me to such a rash decision.Realizing now that I am acting like a selfish old dude as I know that these cruises are events to be shared with those that we are close to.Berating myself for such blatent stupidity I hurriedly beat a path to the nearest phone and place an urgent call to a friend.Transportation to the Castle is secured and I take a few moments to shave off the past couple days worth of the grey beard as it would not be fitting to be driving around in that hot little tuner mobile looking like the old dude thar I am.Not to mention the fact that there are always pretty girls to be aware of a these events and it wouldn’t do to be scruffy looking.
…Arriving at the Castle I find preperations franticly under way as the appointed time is quickly approaching.Rain be damned we still have two cars to be washed and dried before getting started.All hands including the resident grandkiddos of the Castle are on deck and pitching in.The necessary tasks are soon complete when I follow the number one son into the kitchen to retrieve his freshly painted wiper blades from the oven where they have been placed to dry (it’s a car guy thing) to be reassembled and installed on the Charger. This boy pays attention to detail.Blades installed,he then pulls out and installs the straight pipes on the hot little Neon as LOUD is a requierment that my son the,stickler for detail,pays religous attention to.
…All details now in order it’s time for a quick pit stop for some high octane fuel to feed the beasties as we show off their respective talents.Arriving at the assembly point I see that the rain has kept the number of participants limited for this event.No matter,those of us who are there admire each other’s rides and have the required car guy conversations.These are very special events to many people.All walks of life and different styles of vehicle are represented and brought together much like a big family reunion at these car cruises.
…This is pure American tradition,the gathering of the clan auto.Singles,families with and without the young childern,all are represented at events like this all across our great nation and up in Canada many times over throughout the year.This has become a tradion for many and for me has become part of a family legacy that was born on a bitter winter’s night many years ago.The tools I handled then are now handled with loving care by my son to build these machines that represent so many different things to my son and I.I am a proud American like my father before me and the childern I have raised after me.This cruise is our family tradition and this country is what has made it possible.

…………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………….

…………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………….

Author’s note: This is an older post from the dating site.I brought it over to help bring out thoughts of warmer weather as this winter here is COLD.See also The Legacy in October 09 archives (last page) for the story behind the story………

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9 Responses to An American Legacy(of kids and cars)

  1. Wolfbernz says:

    I can understand the last cruise of the seanson… I have an old Porsche and live on the East Coast.
    I had a ’71 dodge charger for a little while but sold it.
    Have a great Week! Thanks for joining the fun on BlogDumps.


    I’ll click your button in the sidebar 🙂


    • thecatsman says:

      I seem to have fouled up in some technical fashion for this Tuesday’s fun,but I did get to your place and thus expanded my horizens.I will have to try again,I’m not overly skilled with this infernal machine.


  2. Trina says:

    I love Spring Cruises! Driving down the road in a classic car is so awesome – everyone turns their head and checks out your car. You get to sit back and grin, knowing it’s your car and they can only drool 😉

    Great post! Welcome to Top Sites Tuesday!

    (If next week you add the code for the “Make me #1” button to your post, it’ll make your entry stand out more – and we’ll get to click it to try and make you #1)


    • thecatsman says:

      Oh that is a BIG part of the fun.You should see the looks I get with my usual ride.The RODT..Rusty Old Dodge Truck.It’s old,rusty sometimes ugly but way overpowered and sounds mean as all he–..Pretty well keeps up with that Charger and realy gets the looks.Course this year we had the Plum Crazy Charger and painted the hot little Neon to match,talk about attention getter’…Thanks for comming by I’m sure you saw my other comment here regaurding this silly old cat’s technical challenges.


  3. Martha W says:

    “This is pure American tradition,the gathering of the clan auto. Singles,families with and without the young children,all are represented at events like this all across our great nation…”

    Ah, makes me dream of summer… here in Detroit… this is life, my man!! *grin* Nice post, great break from this ugly weather… Thanks!


  4. AngelBaby says:

    Wonderful post and you are right we Americans do love our cars. Nothing better that a nice drive in the country! I would love to see your cars.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love and Blessings,


  5. Josh Weber says:

    OMG! Really! I was just reading this yesterday and thought how nice it would be to share this story and comment on it but it was older so I couldn’t comment. And yes people I used the oven. Raining or no we washed AND dried 2 cars to go cruising in the bitter cold rain. Days like these I will never forget as I hope memories like this I hope for my wonderfull children will also remember for all there life. This story and the legacy are and shall always be my favorite. And don’t forget that wonderful craftsman tool chest!! Enjoy all this man writes!


  6. wonderful memories…sharing is so kind of you…


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