Investments From The heart

…Restless sleep vivid unclear dreams leaving seemingly nothing behind in the morning moments wake.Rain falling on snow and ice a strange ironic chill in air surrounds man of words and phrases turned to other’s eyes for purpose.Sleeps grey haze holding court with heart mind and soul wandering wordsmith travels corridors dusty deep.No breezes blowing stirring cobwebs am I unsettled or simply suffering from lack of restful sleep.I pay a price like rain on ice a slippery road I sometimes travel pouring self to keys and pages risks exposing of the sage’s feelings gamble.So many thoughts and notions combined with mixed emotions I’ve loosed upon the page beg questions when where and how will sage be paid with more than taking bow on stage.

…To take road inside the mind and soul there is for one’s discovery the wonderours world of the heart observing lovers gamble.The wordsmith seems at rest today my words they simply ramble on with phrase to turn or run in circles something burns I feel the heat down deep inside when be met these needs of mine or is it fair to ask.The humble sage ascends the stage in darkness he does ponder.My words my words those precious things revealing songs of heart I sing sent off for other’s pleasures bring sometimes giving all it seems to spin the tales of this man’s dreams leaves empty spaces unfilled voids like body’s burning hunger.

…I’ve bared my soul upon the page today the man will take to stage and command respect not due when I was younger.There was no plan to be this man who’s eyes now look with wonder at word and phrase upon the page delivered by lowly sage questions questions answers due wandering wordsmith wants his due heart mind soul desire too it’s nourishment man does seek.His hunger questions man does this desire for return this sefish feeling that does burn make humble man seem weak,what is this thing this unknown thing this recompense you seek.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way just another day unfolding.Blue eyes gaze in seeming daze as words appearing on the page thoughts cloudy notions flowing from places seldom been visited for knowing.Price be paid by lowly sage for words that have been gathered charges against heart mind and soul for please to put this on account investments made have not keep pace with outlay impatient man without a plan this journey he did start now waits his turn for some return on investments from the heart.

………………Peace to All Who Pass This Way……………………………………….

……………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………..

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2 Responses to Investments From The heart

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Only a brave soul could stand up on his ground and face storms of change and not run away. I bow to the source of your courage and wish it brings many fulfilled moments in your life.


  2. Mad God Woman says:

    Treasure beyond measure, sage’s heart! Play, play, play your part.


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