Love’s Undying Light

…The grey beard was growing merrily on it’s way hot water dull razor washed it away.Man in the mirror staring seeking contact with eyes mind decieving heart believing that is given shall be returned kindness unfolding for day.Night time shadows retreat before grey coulds gentle breeze. Dawning of day brings thoughts and notions with mixed emotions tumbling into fray.Conflicting within heart mind soul begin debate on days direction.All the while avoiding penatrating gaze that is my own reflection.

…Questions flowing not answers knowing brings unsettled feelings to the fore.Wandering wondering feelings tumbling around unsettled man.For this I wish to know be bliss go fast now stop or slow.Change direction show affection wait now in the wings as heart mind and soul all wish to know will winter’s pass bring spring.Expectant mother earth she knows spirits rivers overflow confines as they ramble.Man inside he does abide on summer lovers gamble to falls bright leaves flutters down and lovers thoughts could be found colorful and bright giving way to winter’s day in shades of black and white.

…Waiting is a phrase was often borrowed for summer’s bliss and fall’s sweet kiss was taken for delight. Heart believing soul recieving loves undying light comes winter’s chill await now thrill of springtime and rebirth seasons journey on and on spins our expectant mother earth.Man inside will abide reflections challenge gaze to consider now his worth I did concieve and will believe in love’s undying light.To be so bold and have to hold in soul and heart’s delight chase winter’s chill now over hill reflections gaze to ponder.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way man in mirror does now appear to have shaken off his nightime fears by reaching for the light.Choices made the cards now laid this humble man considers paid his debt to winter’s chill.Awaiting now retreating snows to warmer breezes blowing the welcome feel of spring in heart mind soul knowing I did concieve and still believe in love’s undying light.The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way……….I did concieve and do believe in love’s undying light…..

……………Peace To All Who Pass This Way………………………………………..

…………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………………

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7 Responses to Love’s Undying Light

  1. thecatsman says:

    I wonder if anyone will notice I changed the title on this.I feel soooo much better now as the old title just wasn’t working for me.Now to see if anyone happens by……………


  2. Thanks for your visit and comment. I am new to WordPress and really don’t know what I am doing. I found your post to be interesting. What was the title before?


    • thecatsman says:

      Let me think……I Did Concieve….just didn’t sit right and I learned that once titled it stays the same except on the blog itself.I’m fairly to the whol internet concept.I first touched a computer in May 09 so everything is new to me.


  3. Beautiful. It’s lovely. 🙂


  4. Mary Noce says:

    Awesome cats


  5. Very deep. I’ve missed your comment on my blog. Sorry I’ve been awol, but this writing for a living is very time consuming. lovehugslove


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