I Am Man

…Symbols of humanity stark white contrasting against black key.Desperatly hunger for touch and feeling sending word to phrase upon the great white page.Mind lost in a winter’s fog and heart retreated to soul.What shall the fingers do now pounding on the keys thoughts and notions seeming locked somewhere deep inside not wishing to abide this moments time.The body human aches and pains abounding perched before infernal machine desperatly seeking wandering wondering will the day unfold to hope afloat or just mundane reality.

…I am here my love she’s there my heart it seems in limbo.I took a chance the lovers dance music of the heart I followed.With no regret I placed my bet on strength of feeling found embracing days of lovers play a dream my heart to follow.Without hesitation nor reservation I let heart dance and sing with two left feet I missed a beat and surely then I stumbled tripping on reality my love then to be humbled.Real world concerns stepping in to harsly slow what did begin with total sweetness light.Heart now waiting in the wings as days they do unfold to hide reveal what shall we feel through winter’s chilling cold.

…I took the chance on lover’s dance with music playing loud feet light as air flowing without care my heart so full and proud.Wonderous dreams heart mind and soul in harmony as one.I dared to dream of summer’s things springtime new life unfolding to take the chance on lovers dance to give myself now over to the thoughts of love I hold for you still etched upon my mind.Great white page now dares the man to stand in winter’s shadow and be so bold to have and hold this feeling that did start.I’ll take the chance on lovers dance my love for you yet ringing true.Today I as Man yet say,be still my beating heart.

…………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………

……………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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5 Responses to I Am Man

  1. Serena Devi says:

    With love, we cannot bargain,
    there, the choice is not ours.

    May patience and calm arrives,
    with fresh breeze of new season to come,

    you are a brave man,
    my friend,
    dare to dream,
    and love and love.
    It will return one day.


    • thecatsman says:

      I thank you and if we keep this up we may find a blog within the comments of my blog…lol
      …I dare to dream
      …For dream I must
      …For surely I’m not ready
      …To return yet to the dust


  2. Mary Noce says:

    May you dance the dance of Love with joy in your heart,


  3. Serena Devi says:

    I have my arms empty of everything except the love,
    take my hands and lets whirl together,
    around the beloved of all.


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