Your Place Or Mine……….

…Once again I find myself waiting in the wings of the great oaken stage.Listening to the sounds of those who gather to the places appointed.The bully pulpit awaits for me to ascend these steps before me and take my now familiar place.Reaching inside the dusty chambers of my mind to see what has collected there that my be of relevant import to pontificate upon on this sunny winter’s day.Some thoughts and notions have been gathering preparing for the journey from inside to the spaces surrounding my beloved bully pulpit yet there is a hesitation in me on this day.For reasons I don’t seem to clearly comprehend the great orater of my mind is pondering weather to ascend these steps and share these due considerations or to simply turn away from this place and consider further the wisdom of the choice I make on this wonderous of days.

…For on this day the wandering wordsmith has been collecting thoughts and notions on just exactly the matter at hand.Choice the sometimes automatic exercise of free will by members of spices human or possibly a long process of careful considerations of options,causes and effects of the choices presented and how they may serve the best seeming interest of a given individual or multiples of members of this srtange and fascinating race that occupy this place our expectant mother earth.It seems that we alone of the multitudes of species on this good earth have the power of choice.Please to consider those words with due care,the power of choice.

…Choice is sometimes a smple thing easily disposed of in a nearly automatic fashion,or possibly a complex set of variables are presented for due consideration before a proper course of action can seemingly be arrived at.Choices for one or multitudes or any number inbetween,decisions that must be arrived at one way or another on matters that possibly affect and have bearing on another who has crossed the path of our personal realm or on larger numbers of our fellow travelers in this wonderous universe.No matter a choice is a powerful thing and often a privledge to make.

…The power to choose can also bring with it the responsibility of the choice being made.I wasn’t sure when I started this particular disertation just where it was leading me to and perhaps this is one of those times when I will have to leave it to the individual who happens by what to take or forgo from this set of words and phrases that are pouring forth from me today.Yes you will make the choice for yourself if there is relevance in my words.A choice for you to make with the power of reason bestowed upon you as a member of spiecies human.

…Please to remember as you exercise your God given power that the choice you make for you and seemingly you alone may have an impact on other members of this world in which you live.The plus and minus,yin and yang the ebb and flow of others of your kind may directly or indirectly be affected by the power of your choice.So when it’s time in your mind to choose this or that or possibly some other thing or course of action consider yourself highly privledged that you have been given the power to choose,for indeed sad is the member of our great race of beings who must simply play the hand that was dealt and ride this roller coaster of life until the next oppertunity to choose happens on by.We’ve all been found on that coaster at some time or another and maybe will be there again and again that is why I stand at my pulpit to cry out for all to hear cherish the choices you get to make be they big or seeming small be humbled and grateful that you got to choose.

………………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………….

……………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………….

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3 Responses to Your Place Or Mine……….

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Thank you for stopping by and left your track, here I am arrived at the wonderful house of a new friend. Keep writing, I don’t think you have much choice on this, your destined to have a voice. With blessing. Serena


  2. and it would seem I now have no choice but to continue reading….


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