My Words My Heart

Staring at a screen when I should be looking in your eyes

Waiting for the phone to maybe ring my mind it hears you sigh

Pouring my heart and soul to page feeling very small this lowly sage

Knowing I have touched your heart with mine

Now wondering,wishing,waiting and daring to hope

I fight down the urge to run and find you there

To touch,to hold and kiss you bold the way I’ve longed to do

My cards are on the table

I guess that I’m all in

There’s nothing left for me to do

Except your heart I hope to win


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5 Responses to My Words My Heart

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Now, my heart is touched….

    I only could share ,what Rumi says:

    One day your heart
    will take you to your lover.
    One day your soul
    will carry you to the Beloved.
    don’t get lost in your pain,
    know that one day
    your pain will become your cure.


  2. bekabunnie says:

    I adore this ❤


  3. Mary Noce says:

    From your heart to hers,Sweet


  4. kristylove says:

    This is so beautiful catsman. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words of encouragement. You keep on dreaming, too. I love your poetry ♥


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