Nothing Much

…Winter’s biting chill frosted against my face gloves on hands body leans into the wind walking to the beat of my heart rythm’s feet crunching snow to nowhere go.Aimless mind wanders streets best left to themselves thoughts retreating cold feet beating tracks against the sidewalk.The mind it’s restless taking body for a stroll heart with question speaks softly to the soul.Cold comfort found now look around trees barren branches home for crow calling  starkly to another answers in the wind my journey inward now begins.

…Cold wind blowing mind not knowing where be journey’s end to disconnect and redirect energies now flowing.Thuoghts not comming out to play no visions insights this winter’s day as feet they simply wander.Down streets past houses some are homes where love resides or spirits hide sometimes these things I ponder is house a home or empty shell a place to live or simply dwell as seasons way are passing.Rooms barren branches no life to seeming offer as crow cries out in warning shout of humble human’s passage.

…The crow’s call echoes carried on chill winter’s breeze to find his fellows in the trees barren branches no cover offer.He stands with pride in stark relief against grey white winter’s wonder.Of crows in trees and chill on breeze such simple things to ponder as on the streets to my heart’s beat cold feet to home shall wander.No great words played by lowly sage to great white page be pounded nor thoughts or notions with mixed emotions to be held up for display.Just echoes thoughts no battles fought inside the man who wandered a simple walk on winter’s day with nothing much been pondered.

……………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………………

…………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………

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2 Responses to Nothing Much

  1. bekabunnie says:

    I always enjoy your descriptive power sir. Although, it makes my writing seem like a bubbling mess!! ❤


  2. greenlasagna says:

    It is freaking freezing here! SW Florida is not supposed to be this cold. I’m having people in much colder climes make fun of me, but they fail to realize that a freeze in Florida affects the entire country. Produce prices have already doubled.

    BTW, I’ve moved my blog to here:

    It’s now part of what will be my new website.

    I’m going now to add your link to the blogroll.



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