On Winter’s Day

k…Dark laden clouds silently drifting through the night time sky.Stars running for cover in the still of a winter’s night.Sun somewhere rising clouds not letting her shine her morning’s rays.Daylight approaches lightly in humble shades of grey.Black and white with shades of grey showing as mother nature she has decreed that today it will be snowing.Waves of fluffy white puncuated by sheets of blinding rage as I sit and ponder what to put upon the page.

…Prolific thoughts and ponderings and natures frozen wanderings my mind sometimes befuddled.I reach inside to find that which hides in the echoing chambers huddled,slipping through the cobwebs clinging to the corners of my mind.The wandering wordsmith hunting collecting thoughts and notions words and phrases in tributairies to rivers oceans flowing.Symbols on keys waitning to please fingers dancing sentence prancing with wonderous thoughts abounding. 

…Of sunny days and summer’s play the mind  retreats from  snowy day.Thoughts and notions with mixed emotions by waters edge to sit.Relax a spell and listen tell with special friend I know.A whirlwind dnace with some romance a young man’s fancy dreaming her lips to kiss oh simple bliss the old cat he is schemeing.On winter’s day so dull and grey of blue skies and flowing streams this simple man of modest plan retreats to thoughts is dreaming of warmer days and romance plays on summer’s warmer evenings.

…Through snowy haze I dream of days in minds eye so appealing.The simple bliss of lady’s kiss has sent my mind now reeling.With fingers dance I take the chance these toughts upon the page I pound in rythm with my heart.Waiting is I tell myself as longings they do start.The simple bliss of lady’s kiss my mind now filled with wonder.A happenstance is this romance a joyous wonderous fate it brings my pounding heart in mind it sounds like waves of rolling thunder.With coffee cold I’m now so bold as to wish for summer’s start on winters day I can only say be still my beating heart……………..

……………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………….

……………………The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………..

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2 Responses to On Winter’s Day

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    A man in love is a wonderful thing….An Author in love, with accsess to elegant expression, sets us all to falling….along with him…


  2. JennyAnn says:

    Insights to the center of one’s soul {the core}


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