Season’s Ending

…The Monday slid quietly over the horizen.Not just any old day mundane in it’s begining and traveling headlong to it’s inevitable bitterly cold January end.With great stealth and quiet grace THE Monday was brought forth unto the world of man comming to grace our expectant mother earth the home of spiecies human.The first of the new year marking the end of another holiday season of high expectations and great anticipations that went flying by leaving the usual mixed bag of satisfactions and disapointments in it’s wake.

…Resolutions made and bills to be paid becomming the concern topping the list of tasks needs accomplishment for many a member of the human race.Soon to be forgotten Christmas cheer and feelings of goodwill toward our fellows set aside as we once again abide with our seeming daily strife.Back to work and back to school on winter’s days so dreary.The holiday mess was just a guest intruding on our lives to be refreshed and oh so blessed the new year has arrived.Monday most profound we welcome and embrace thee goodwill packed away to not see light of day till next the season comes creeping.Not to mind what’s left behind though our spirits slowly seeping away with the dawning of this day in fine tradition keeping.

…What say you friend see now the end of goodwill toward your fellows.To me it seems that twas just some dreams of happiness and light for two weeks a year we lend our ear to other people’s plight.Then comes The Monday that signs we begin the times of once again days of living to please ourselves and upon some shelves we store our decorations.To do what we must in ourselves to trust our trials and tribulations.Others now shall once again bow before selfish needs and causes but that’s ok for at years end we’ll pray for those who need goodwill. Please to excuse me now it seems somehow I need to find a pill………

……………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………..

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4 Responses to Season’s Ending

  1. bekabunnie says:

    That Fukitol won’t help, I assure you….


    • thecatsman says:

      When I first glanced at your comment I thought oh no here comes the flack as I’m expecting some for this one,but I see that you are more than correct for some of us that pill just has no positive effect.Thanks for the comment and the laugh.


  2. someguy2010 says:

    Well written thecatsman!


  3. katsvo says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could write like that! What a read!


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