Dear Diary…..

….I just read a most interesting post that posed an excelent Question.The query was as to what would your legacy be if your life were to end today.This provoked a moments reflection,only a short pause as I realized that without ever thinking about it I have established what I would consider my legacy.As I typed my response I was thinking of my blog The Legacy which is a story of a family incident and the legacy resulting therefrom.I continued with my response when the brain or possibly the wandering wordsmith decided to weigh in on the matter.

…I suggested,and immediatly realized the truth of,that this blog could well be my legacy.As I proceded onward I mentioned that this is not your typical blog and while pondering as I wrote realized the unabashed truth of those words.No this is not your typical blog and in recent months of writing it I have come to realize that I am no longer a typical man.An evolution and transformation has been taking place each and every time I sit before this magical keyboard embossed with the symbols of humanity.Words and phrases pouring forth and the journey within revealing time and time again that I am growing and evolving as I send my precious thoughts and notions out through the infernal machine to be observed and and regaurded or disregaurded by those who happen by to occupy the places appointed.

…Even now as I started to pound out what should have been a simple observation of self in comparison to previous self and the world around me the fingers have once again begun to dance across these keys seemingly of their on accord.I’m looking within as I pound upon these keys and what I find is pouring through the mind to be edited,composed and released from the very heart and soul of my being.What a wonderous turn of events and journey begun this simple lowly titled thing has become.A blog,my blog something I had no conception of only a few short months ago.

…Whatever the cause the effect I do so love as this journey within me to without of me has been my pure pleasure to take.Those who know me and know of me have shown a kindness and receptive mindset for my sometimes whimsical rambling words.The wordsmith he loves to play in those dusty chambers of my mind and I relish the feelings I get as I pour my self,my very core feelings from the heart and soul on to this the great white page where I so love to play.

……………………Peace To All who Pass This way……………………………………

………………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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