The Man And The Window

…The sun crept slowly over the black horizen.Darkness running swiftly retreating before the bright celestial light.Frozen landscape glistening under blankets of fallen snow.I stood by a window wishing for elsewhere to go.Artic cold has settled upon the land up this way north.Bitter winds vicously biting those who dare to step out into mother nature’s seeming wasteland full of bitterness and cold.A place I would have challanged many years ago.

…There is a price to pay for our time on mother earth.With age comes wisdom and knowledge of the rebirth.The seasons I have seen them witnessed with my eyes.In my mind I’m not blind I know the spring will turn to summer then to fall but just for now I shall recall the wonder of my child’s eyes so wide.The magic land awaiting for my footprints to absorb,wonderous flowing blankets white with fallen snow.The ice to skate and hills to race the frozen land of magic.My childs eyes remember when winter was not cold just a snow filled wonderland with adventures to behold.

…I stand here at this window my childhood memories welling.Now fingers prance the keyboard dance driving words upon the page.With winter chills and painfull pills I become the lowly sage.The words to dance and fingers prance  the freedom of the page I seek my body weak with winters gone before.I look within to memories and find a hidden door.With key to lock it opens the rusty hinges squeak.Is this the place my mind does seek the answers questions asking or just a place of fallen grace with childhood now passing.

…The sun she travels on her way bitter winter of this day displayed beneath her light.Revealing frozen landscape stiring winds with teeth that make the coldness bite.I stand behind this window watching  former child play.Reflection sending mind to tasking fingers pounding words astounding appearing on the page.Window asking man in passing will you feel you age,or go to dance with fingers prance and be the lowly sage.To step inside and then abide the words as they are flowing my fingers pounding heartbeat sounding on this the great white page.With wonderous lust and sage’s trust the window man confronting never knowing when words are flowing just where exactly the sage he’s going on this bitter winter’s day.

……………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………….

…………………….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………………

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9 Responses to The Man And The Window

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    I love this blog. After living so many years in FL,TN snow was somewhat of a miracle. 2 years ago the first time we saw it out there on the ground, we were tranfixed, 3 household members and the cats too, all gazing at the miracle. What the author is speaking of is that bitter bone crushing snow of the ice and snow as a one time resident of Oswego NY I remember it well. At least one poor elderly person perished in the cold every year and at least one pair of unfortunate teenager in a car unning to keep warm. We embrace spring with a “Crazy Love” beacuse when we are no longer children, winter is no longera kind playmate.


  2. jonesy2012 says:

    This was beautiful – but being born and raised in Florida – I am not lucky enough to appreciate ‘real’ winters!

    Lovely blog.


  3. musercising says:

    I would love to hear about the childhood memories brought to life in looking out into the snowy woods.


  4. proanimateuk says:

    Beautiful as always. I just re-read Jack Kerouac and your fluid style reminds me of the middle of ‘On The Road’. I’m guessing you’re not reliant on speed or ephadrine tho!


    • thecatsman says:

      No my only excuse is my rather convoluted mind.Funny thing is I’ve never read any of his work.Only know little snippets heard in passing.


      • proanimateuk says:

        ‘On The Road’ is one of those books that goes nowhere but delivers along the way. If you get a copy with the biography and explaination of his writing experience as a preface, it really changes the way you look at the book. He wrote three drafts in 19 days, but didnt sleep or eat, and used a continuous roll of paper so he didnt have to stop to reload his typewriter! A true nutter, but his style reflects the continuity of the process and suits the ‘road story’ genre amazingly well.


  5. lerfish says:

    This is some nice writing. Thanks for the drop in on my stuff, i like your idea’s but i’m such a poem fanatic i’d love to see you apply your skill to some poetry, it’s maybe a thought? i think you’d nail it. Anyway, nice writing, feel free to check out any of my stuff whenever you like 🙂


    • thecatsman says:

      Thank you and indeed I shall check.I’m not to sure about me and poetry my mind tends to wander a lot when I’m doing what I do.Still not to sure what that is but if people enjoy that’s all that realy matters…


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