The New Years Day

…Well here we all are on this the day of beginnings and of course the blogsphere is full of well wishes and resolution abounding.The wandering wordsmith has been at task of traveling the dusty chambers of my oft befuddled mind.His net seems to be overflowing with thoughts and notions plus a few mixed emotions needing to find release today.I have come to my accustomed place to hand over control of my stumbling fingers and surrender myself to his desires on this the new years day.

…The blue moon passed quietly as the sun slipped up on this cold winter’s day.Some parties ending and others beginning all around this our expectant mother earth.Revelations,hesitations and salutations abounding with resolutions and sweet new years kisses jumbled together with the usual hits and misses.The wandering wordsmith was kind enough to let this old cat play.I was in fine form impressing the ladies and my special lady in particular as this the latest in a long unending line of decades was released to find it’s way.Once in a blue moon it sometimes seems my heart becomes my master and pours it’s contents out in a rush of unabashed display.

…One needs must wonder  this auspisious day why ever not do we more often allow our heart to lead the way.With reality to deal with and concerns of daily life abounding it can be a foggy road to travel the path that leads within.Frought with pitfalls dark thoughts and stalls we fear the road less traveled and may hesitate to begin.On this decade day I urge you to seek within your soul seeking out those places where you hesitate to go.I’ll leave you here to ponder our ways for now shall part.Please to accept and show respect these words that are my art. Look deep inside and then abide what’s found inside your heart.

…………………….Wishing All A Happy New Year………………………………….

………………………….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………

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One Response to The New Years Day

  1. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    This author is one to whom you go running each day to see how he feels about the day. Once I have ascertained he is experimenting with the moods of the world around him and manifesting some good thoughts for the day, no matter how they stuggle to be free and dance down on the page they are a welcome troupe.


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