Thoughts And Notions

…A new day,a new chance for me to play.What shall become of me on this bright winter’s day.I want to write some words because it’s what I do.Write the words and release the inner toughts that stroll along the paths to be found inside my head.Pounding on these the symbols of humanity until I feel fulfilled.The restless man inside demanding to be heard releasing thoughts and notions combined with mixed emotions rumbling through the chambers of my mind.

…My fingers slowly striking keys to free my weary mind.I sit before the page as the thoughts and notions gather.Not collecting orderly they are a jumbled mass of thought and word dancing through the cobwebs hanging in my head.Some days I just can’t settle on what I want to say,perhaps the wandering wordsmith will send some words my way.Magical letters combined to turn a simple phrase packaged into sentences to be poured out through the infernal machine to visit themselves upon the great white page.

…Today I guess it matters not what I think I want to say.The wordsmith deciding for me what combinations of thoughtful phrase will be sent to fingers pounding.It matters not to him if thought and notion are are regaurded or disregaurded after being sent upon their way.I simply serve his purpose the master of this day he decides and I abide the words that come to play.The release of thought and notion combined with mixed emotion to send the storm front on it’s way and bring perhaps a rainbow to shine it’s colorful light into the dark and sometimes dusty places in the chambers of my mind.

………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………….

………………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………..

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7 Responses to Thoughts And Notions

  1. juliac1990 says:

    As I was reading this post… it reminded me much of one of my pages I created just a few weeks ago. It gave me comfort to know that someone else in the world uses blogs to release the constant thoughts from their minds. I definitely will be back to read more.


  2. proanimateuk says:

    Wow – it’s like the meanderings of a mind with a wobbly wheel!

    Loving the Pros-etry!


  3. Mike says:

    I enjoyed this too. Art of any kind is so interesting the way that inspiration will hit you. When you have it, you’ve no idea what life would be like WITHOUT it. When it’s gone, you’re stuck in an empty field, scratching your head, without a road or river in sight.

    This post is the best decision one could make: start walking in one direction — any direction. It’s the only way to get back to town.

    Good “prosetry”! (I also like the portmanteau)


  4. Pickass says:

    A really nice blog. I like it well.

    Greetings DEKLA


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