Reality Bites

Well I have once again been humbled.I left a comment on a powerful man’s blog.The comment refered to an article of his published in the Wall Street Journal.I liked his article except I disagreed polietly with one point he made.His claim is that the first ten years of this decade have seen great inroads to alievating poverty.I pointed out that you couldn’t prove that to be true by me or many other citizens of this country.I challenged him to come see how I have been forced to live and maybe take a good hard look around this country and possibly rethink his position.Also asked if being politicaly correct was more important than honest reporting on the facts of life for a very large number of citizens of this country because we are white males and have been passed over in favor of politicaly correct agendas of those in power.My comment was NEVER POSTED.Angry…you bet I am.I went back and tried to post another comment and guess what????? I can’t seem to comment there,What’s the matter Mr. reporter are you afraid of me and the millions who would agree with me?


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11 Responses to Reality Bites

  1. Hollie says:

    I agree sir! At least your comment should have been posted! It’s occurrences like this that lead to the suspicion of the media as a whole. What if everyone edited their feedback to just reflect what they believed? The only way of thinking of it that doesn’t get you hot under the collar is, at least they have to be reading these comments- ALL of them- to ensure no one gets through. So your comment was read by the owner- and being a journalist, a thought process probably happened. You did challenge him, you just were denied the support of the mob, or the potential support of the mob. 🙂 I still think it should have been posted, but you know how sometimes one slightly challenging comment can open the doors up to all the whackos to leave some random piece of poppycock. Then someone with an even more extreme view reads that, well and you know…..


    • thecatsman says:

      No I don’t “know”.If other’s follow and they’re comments are obviously out of line fine edit as you will.I’ve had to live through this reverse discrimination twice in one lifetime and nobody will admit it exhists as it is not PC to do so.Also want to manipulate certain stats to keep the fat cats in the government(at all levels) looking good.This country is full of polititions patting themselves on the back over this or that program when the reality is the programs don’t work and exclude some of those who need it most.The mainstream media seems to be afraid to report on anything that might upset the applecart and Americans down here at my level pay the price.I have neither the talent or resources to expose this type of BS.These hot shotsa do but seems they are afraid to do so.


  2. Purple Yin says:

    Oooh, I’d like to read this. What blog is this?


  3. patty says:

    Sometimes I can’t comment when using a certain browser. I switch to another & it works. I’m not sure why.

    (Just trying to see if maybe there’s a different reason for your comment not appearing. I realize that it really might be that no negativity is allowed.)


    • thecatsman says:

      The original comment posted as awaiting moderation.Everything normal like mine or any other blog.That comment was read and NOT APPROVED.Much like I could have done with any comment here.I know it’s not a technical issue as I checked that before posting this blog.Now if I try to comment there it won’t evem post as pending as I am not approved to comment there..Good thought but it appears my input will not be allowed.


  4. curiousgypsy says:

    You tell him…..I like your spunk!!


  5. nightThinker says:

    What you have to understand is that the politically correct crowd is not interested in your thoughts … unless you agree with them. Truth has no place in political correctness. Rational thought, to those people, is like a disease to be cured. And why are they so empowered? Because we allow them to be.


    • thecatsman says:

      I can’t disagree with you.That’s part of the PC deal,there is no disagreement it just doesn’t exhist.Yes we have allowed them to this power,question becomes what can be done about it….


  6. JennyAnn says:

    power is money and money is power in the end empowerment on sites is follow the leader but in real Life is is”””my first comments. with a flair of sex


  7. JennyAnn says:

    Winters day and the “””Lady’s Kiss”


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