The Rumbling Snowplows Echo…

…I try to settle before the magic board but my back is hurting and other aches and pains wish to hold court with me at the moment.I am torn at this moment in time.Thoughts and notions have suddenly begun a loud clamouring in the chambers of my mind.They are many and of different emotional mindsets  with diametricaly opposed points of view and mission statements.Brief glimpses or sudden sounds driving the many facets of my mind in first one direction then quickly another.It seems all my senses are in play and all ponderings wish to be heard at the same time.

…In the chill distance I hear the metalic rumbling of snowplow on pavement.Evoking memories of days gone by,other times or places welling forth in mumbling hoards begging audience with the master of my mind’s domain.Who will gain the ear of the steward,what will be noticed as the plows rumble through this chill Christmas night.For to bend the ear of the steward will surely gain audience with the master of this domain.The Wandering Wordsmith is the master here before the great white page.His is the ultimate power,the final judgement of what will be pounded through the keys that contain these the symbols of humanity.These symbols are his tools that with which he plys his trade.Knitting and weaving the symbols into the tapestry of the written word that then becomes sentence,line and paragraph.To be sent via keyboard through the infernal machine and then unleashed upon the unsuspecting who happen by.Their appointed task to restrain and entertain those who would partake from thier places appointed.

…For that is the ultimate goal of the wandering wordsmith,to weave a tapestry of word and phrase that captures the minds and maybe hearts of those who happen by.Inspiring they who have taken to the places appointed to stop a while and partake of the wonderous words floating down fron the bully pulpit standing on the mighty oaken planks of this my virtual stage.The place I come when the thoughts and notions can no longer be restrained and must pour forth from processing in the mind out through the heart and soul that give life to the spirit of this old cat.I wear my titles proudly,having endured and sometimes triumphed over this life that I have led.

…The sounds of snowplows rumbling on pavement echoing through my head.Stiring the memories of this life that I have led.These thoughts and notions sometimes haunt my mind.Until I sit before this page and release the wordsmith to bring them to the fore and deposit them before you who happen by.To have restrained and entertained is the goal that he does seek.The rumbling of snowplow on pavement echoes in my mind.

…My ears are ringing and my fingers fumbling now.I have not deciphered why it is this phrase is simply stuck inside of me.Perhaps it’s a symbolism for the clearing of my mind.As after I step away and descend the oaken steps leaving my beloved bully pulpit alone again in shadows I find that I am spent,having left a piece of myself on this the great white page.The scrapping of the plow,echoing of my feet. The rumbles echoing in the chill dark night as my feet they leave this place where my thought has been released.Piles of snow growing from seeming nothingness as my thoughts are unleashed upon those who happen by.Please to go in peace my friends as I am well and truely spent.The blizzard in my mind has ended and the echoing rumbles of the snowplow have passed into the distance of this chilly winter’s night.

……….A Merry Christmas To All Who Pass This Way………………………..

…………….And To all A Good Night…………………………………………………

……………….The catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………….

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