Tis The Season…..Indeed

…Well I am not totaly sure I am up to the task that lies before me just now.There is a blog to be written,one about faith,hope,the human condition and the many things that happen when you least expect it.The wordsmith has been set to task with a shocked look upon his vistage.He most certainly is not accustomed to being more or less ordered to the chambers of my mind to set about his appointed task of collecting the thoughts and notions that are to be found there.Quite frankly I know not what he may find as events are still so very recent that thoughts and notions have yet to form much less be caught amoungest the cobwebs in the darkened corners of the chambers in my mind.

…I’m on a personal mission of import with whatever flows form the tips of my dancing fingers on this bright wintetr’s night up here in the north part of the USA.Pontification will be ensuing with or without the help of the wandering wordsmith.I wish to relate some thoughts and notions and do so hope that my dancing fingers flow across the magical keyboard pounding on the symbols of humanity in a fashon acceptable to any and all who may happen by.Tis the season as they say and for me at this particular moment in time for me it tis the season indeed.

…There has been an unsettledness walking with me in recent days.A thing that has defied explanation and any and all attempts to rid mysel of this feeling.A nagging little thing that simply would not let me grasp it and exorcise it from my soul.Watching the traffic,the people,wondering if the spirit of the season is alive and well or if people are just blindly doing what they think they should be doing.I’ve known the entire time that there was a matter of personal import needing my attention.One of those little catch 22 deals that no matter how hard you try there simply is no answer.Wondering if this time might I be the one who gets the unlooked for little miracle that is needed to help me on my way to helping myself.It’s an unaccustomed line of thinking as I usualy settle my thoughts and lack of worldly providence with the consideration of the many of my fellows whose journey on this our expectan mother earth has been and continues to be much more difficult than my own.As the saying goes I felt sorry for myself as there were holes in my shoes,then I met a man who had no feet.It’s all a matter of perspective but after a lifetime of putting childern and others whose needs were greater than mine ahead of the needs of simply me I had begun to wonder if something wonderful could happen for me.

…I am only going to say that I needed a bit of help to escape this particular catch 22 as this stroy is going to snowball into something so much larger than one might imagine.Enter another person I know who for some unknown inexplicable reason has been feeling a weight upon their shoulders also this holiday season.In this case not because of a personal need but from a lack of oppertunity to do a little unexpected and more importantly unherallded act of kindness for another.Now we have the begining of something wonderful.You see my particular need involved aquiring some medical records in order to begin the process of applying for certain much needed government benefits,but the catch being I have no resources to draw from to pay the nominal fee to obtain said records.Yes that’s what I said and it’s not easy for me to admit just what my situation is.This story must be told and my little personal disclosures here matter not in the larger picture this humble man is attempting to draw on this great white page.

…So the second person of the story is at the facilty where my records are tending to their own buisness today and in the finest of human traditions decides that those nagging little fees that I have no way of paying will just find themselves paid via her kindness.She procedes to the records office and informs the lady there of her intent.The lady in the records office inquires after the reason for the kindness.She is told the story that follows this man and has for several years now.Upon the hearing of the story she informs my friend that there will be no charge for the records in question for me or any other finding themselves in my position.

…So now that the backround is laid and my fingers are ready to dance I shall do my best to finish this stroy with the great flourish it so richly deserves.You may be thinking well that was nice of her to offer but there was no fee to pay.The point is she freely went to pay that fee as a gift to another in need.I would have never been the wiser but as it turns out she had to tell me what had happened.Are you beginning to see just what has transpired on this day? If Not I’ll attempt to show you the depth of these events.

…One willing soul goes to help another soul in need.Not for any purpose other than it needed to be done.My catch 22 has been sent to the wayside,in the process a story of kindness unfolded.Believe me when I tell you that the lady in the records department will tell the story to others and they to others and so on and on and on.The simple attempt to pay that bill resulted in my path being cleared and the story of a selfless act of kindness that I KNOW will spread like wildfire in the community.

…An angel has quietly been watching out for this old cat today.The angel saw the attempt at selfless giving and when the gift could not be given produced a miracle instead.As we all know how the members of spicies human will speak loudly of this day.The power of the angels came to bear and intercede on my behalf.Lifting my spirits and restoring my faith in my fellows.The one who attempted to pay the bill also felt her dampened spirits revived and her faith restored and the story will be told and inspire others because you see my friends money did not need to changer hands but people had to have faith in others and try,did you get that….SIMPLY  TRY to do one small act of kindness to produce what I firmly believe to be nothing short of a miracle.

……………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………………

……………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)…………………….

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