No Particular Place To Go

…I hear the echoes in the chambers of my mind today.There is a presense there longing for release.Words and notions tumbling,clattering around with no particular place to go.Blindly wandering through the cobwebs in the dark spaces,searching for a path to the light.There is as yet no cohesion to the thoughts and notions wandering there.The wordsmith has yet to awaken and take them to the task of assembledge into something worthy of release from the bully pulpit to those who may or may not appear in the places appointed there.

…The symbols of humanity await my instruction,letters on magical keys that transform the contents of the wandering wordsmith’s net into words and phrases to be delivered through the infernal machine and then visited upon the unsuspecting who happen by.I never realy know what is about to happen as I take my place in front of the great white page.Will there be a happy go lucky frollicing dance amoung the keys or a seriuos seeming message of import to be delivered from the bully pulpit I so dearly love to stand behind.I feel the power that awaits inside those chambers.Words assembled into structures that bring forth a meaning to none or many as the case may be.

…I just haven’t been able to pull things toghther as of late.Frustrations comming to bear as I know there are matters wanting to escape the confines of my oft befuddled mind and plaster themselves upon the page for the trip to where the unsuspecting wait.The thoughts and notions are in plentiful supply but the wordsmith’s net seems to be comming up empty.I guess maybe I’ve been  focused on wondering why I see so much negative energy being tossed about with reckless abdandon that the fight to keep it from infecting my being is weighing heavy on my shoulders.My spirit is tired and my soul needs a break,a vacation if you will from all that would serve to weigh me down.Life here on our expectant mother earth can be like that at times and I know the choices on how to deal with it are mine to make.So I think I shall choose to take a few steps back and ponder what is good and the many happy things yet to wander my way and this for now is all the wordsmith has to say.

…………….Peace To All Who Pass This way…………………………………………

…………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………………

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4 Responses to No Particular Place To Go

  1. hepsy says:

    Don’t underestimate your accomplishment of pulling things together! Your words flow beautifully. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune you may be experiencing won’t find their way to oblivion by yielding to them, it isn’t the right time to allow your spirit to be tired or your soul be allowed on vacation. It is the negative energy tossed about that needs respite, which your writing offers.
    Mahalo for putting your thoughts online. 🙂


  2. hepsy says:

    Good. I’ll hold you to that!
    Your voice is an inspiration.


  3. Leslie Kavourakis says:

    OH NO, Negative energy blocking you….. I am depending on you to keep the crap from blocking ME! What is it you need? What can I do? A Meditation (My brother sent me one on my facebook page) (He’s very “Eastern Meditation stuff) A case of beer just name it. My delicate psyche is dependent on the stream of your offerings to stay stabilized in this crazy DH world…As my brother Robbie would say, Namaste (I have no idea what it means but he signs every email to me with it…Maybe it means “May the dozing wordsmith awaken with a chuckle and a…dustbuster..! Leslie


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