Twenty Nine

…Once in a while I sit and stare at the blankness in front of me.The page glares mockingly out reflecting the seeming emptiness of mind currently afflicting me.A man I know had a pretty good scare,under thirity and rushed to the hospital with a possible heart ptoblem.An overnight stay and many tests later the man was informed to change his lifestyle in a major way or not see his childern graduate high school.A wake up call,loud and clear that life as he’s been living it must come to a close.I am extremely relieved that this young man has no heart problems but the entire episode does give a man of my age great pause.

…As I write this I’m pondering more than a few things.For myself I have outlived my father by several years already.I worry for my childern as my x-wife’s family has been seeing high incidents of cancer.All these things are rolling around the dusty chambers of my mind just now as the under thirity crew discourse over these recent events and the childern play their mindless thankless video games.As you can tell by my tone I am not a gamer,I just can’t spend hours on end sitting in front of a screen lost in the nonreality to be found there.I do believe this wonderously convienent world we live in is a huge contributer to the health problems I see around me today.

…I have my own set of issues by way of my health,things that I live with as there’s not much to be done about them.There is no point in even bringing the matters up here.As I pound on these keys embossed with the symbols of humanity I am not exactly sure what it is that I am struggling to say.My thoughts are not comming easily and my fingers they are not dancing.The wordsmith seems to be hiding in the shadows leaving me to second guess and hesitate wondering just what it is I have come here to say.

…Somewhere down inside me I face the mortal man.For mortal man is what I am  as recent events around me have served as a harsh reminder that our time here on our expectant mother earth is indeed linited.Many facters determine how long we may have.So I guess I’ve come here to consider and  once again take stock of how I treat my fellow man.Was I kind,did I consider the way that I interact with those who cross my path.Or was I to busy to notice,dwelling on a percieved hurt or injustice,crying out to the heavens why oh why has this befallen me.I gues at last I’ve found the purpose of this writing.To once again remind myself and those who would happen by to treat your fellow travelers with dignity and respect.Kindness and compassion,tenderness and care,and above all else gather up your love and share.You don’t know when your time will come to end this mortal journey……..just imagine being twenty nine and laying on a gurney.

………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………………………

………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)………………………………

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One Response to Twenty Nine

  1. DarlinGypsy says:

    Thanks for your comment! More than you know….and I know YOU believe too!! Awesome.


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